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Poll - How loud is too loud

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hmm, I can tolerate a delta 60mm, although barely. But thats because of the pitch of it. It just depends really.
Not sure really how to measure decibels, but got a Delta 60mm and x2 YS Tech 80mm, System exhaust blower, in my system. Not to mention fan on Nbridge and GPU fan.

It's pretty loud and you can hear it from almost anywhere in my house at college. Small house though.
I'm a wimp ;-)

When I built my water cooling system, I expoyied (is that right?) some fan bolts to the cooling cube. This way I can change out fans if I want (with zero hassle). I had a Panaflow H1A 120 in there... but it was too noisy for me. Now I've got a L1A 120 and its nice and bearable. Note, the case is right next to me - with no sides (still in a state of upgrade).

Also running two L1A 80mm in the front of the case (supermicro 750A). And my housemates still wonder why their dell's are soo much quieter than my scratch built system...

Too loud is when you have the urge to play baseball with it....:D
It kinda depends on what it sounds like also, like the Delta is loud, but its high pitch whirring is annoying. As long as your mp3's and games drown out the noise, its fine.
I don't mind it. The sound of fans now put me to sleep I am thinking about building a monster as soon as I get my new folding rig up and going. I don't want to speak too soon but with the plan I have I think I'll have the fastest Air cooled celeron 633 their is here I plan to take it to or maybe even over 1.2gig
:D Balls thats total Balls
I have five 120 mm case fans a 80 mm case fan, PSU fan, 60 mm YS-tech on FOP 32, two drive bay coolers featuring four 40 mm fans blowing over hard drives, and a PCI slot cooler with two 40 mm fans and find the sound of the fans relaxing, its not something that bothers me and its not something that I have ever measured the decibels of.
A bigger concern for myself is how the fans effect sound waves and the fequency responce of my sound system and select the fans and positon them according to this as well as cooling.
My comp whines like a newborn baby.
1*40mm (7k rpm)
PSU fan
blorb on vid card (6k rpm)
delta on the gladiator (7k rpm)
....and i have to run the thing with the case open and a regular fan blowing on it to keep it from overheating.

When the phone rings, I have to shut down the comp cuz I can't hear anything on the other end with it running :(

That's just a little too loud for my liking....
My rig is LOUD! It sounds like an industrial strength shop vac bumping uglies with a hair dryer while being sucked through a jet engine. =]
I don't mind it though, I have it hooked up to my very loud home theater system so that tends to drowned it out. The neighbors don't appreciate it too much though, when they stop by to complain (they're very nice people, I try not to bother them, I just get carried away sometimes) I turn off the stereo but I still can't hear them over the computer. It's kinda funny, they think I vaccum alot. =]
Thought this was kind of funny. When I'm talking about my computer it's all low db. talking. How quiet it is. When I'm talking about my car stereo it's how high db and how loud it is. Hehehe Went to a SPL comepetition over the weekend, I hit a lousy 128.2db, I think my small amp for the tweeters heated up. Just for reference the winner hit 137.4

For my computer, It's too loud if I can't sleep with it on at night. That's why I'v got the rheostats, I can put her into stelth mode for the night and then bring her back into B52 bomber mode during the day.
hard to say in Db measurements, but I have a couple now with 45db and that is too loud for me. I think for my next rig, I'm gonna make a cap of 35 or 30db for the fans. Also gonna put in some sound dampening stuff in the box to quiet it more, I don't like too much noise.... ;D