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poll most stable md

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Dec 22, 2000
belding,MI,United States
my brother is building a new system for a freind the strange thing he`s not interested in over clocking ...go figure

so the question is which is the most stable mb with or without oc`ing features (1ghz tbird)

abit gets my vote
Mainboards of every brand are so erratic these days.... it's hard to pin any one brand or board down to being the "best" or "most stable" in all situations. If stability is genuinely a concern, and overclocking is not, I would say just get a board and put some generic PC133 in it and run the memory asynch at 100 MHz. Would most likely yield a fairly stable machine.

The way I tell if a motherboard is very stable or not is the pc experience has no single crash when run a CAS3 PC133 ram at CAS2 setting, even at higher memory speed. The Iwill KK266/R qualify to be a very stable mb. Not interested in o/c, how about DDR-SRAM motherboard.
Da Whip (Apr 30, 2001 09:42 p.m.):
I would vote for the Iwill KK 266 R, it has been rock solid and overclocks easily. I would buy another in a heartbeat!

I have to second this opinion. I am in particular impressed that this board allows these awesome memory speeds, and if one uses small increments in CPU speed or memory (FSB) speed, system errors due to maxed out CPU or memory do initially occur on a low level, so that they can be recified by increasing voltages or cutting back with the respective speed.

Unoced or within a reasonable speed these boards are as solid as anything that I have seen in the last couple of years. This combined with their rather good customer service is grounds enough to prefer it over ABit and even ASUS, and to recommend it even to a novice.

your brothers friend just hasn`t tasted the fruits of the dark side


Lead him to the dark side
I have two KK266 motherboards, and they are very stable and very fast. But this is not to say that you won't experience set-up woes.

There is no perfect motherboard for all users.

That having been said, I think that you'll have less stability and set-up issues with this board, than nearly all others..the possible exception being the MSI K7T-Turbo.

IMHO, these are the two boards that users have the fewest problems with, particularly when running at default speeds.

I've been testing a bunch of FIC AZ11 MoBo's lately and they seem pretty good and they're cheep. They dont have much in the way of overclocking capabilities but they are easy to set up (they auto detect everything) and they are rock solid with every chip I've put in them. Everything from duron 600's to T-bird 1200's. Not much of an overclockers board but a great inexpensive MoBo for the 'regular' guy.
thanks for the opinions guys

I'm still undecided thou
the guy we are building the pc for is my brothers brother inlaw and doing stuff for your family can be kind of touchie if you know what i mean this guy is also the carpenter that broke me in and hes a real stinker