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Poll Requested on Raid 0

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Dec 30, 2003
How many people have downgraded their raid zero array to a single boot drive after reading vios thread?

Kept Raid?
Left Raid?


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Jan 10, 2001
I have done my best to steer clear of much of the raid discussions that are going on.One reason is that most folks who are considered authorities on the subject of hard drives don't use raid0 because they are convinced by antique software that a single drive is as fast as raid0 and that two drives run separately actually boost system performance more because you can have two swap files that act like raid0.If it is faster for the page-file,wouldn't it be faster for the rest of the drive?

There is also allot of open criticism about the benchmarking software available to the public for testing drives.Storage Review says that Sandra is on of the worst drive test there is but it shows both my arrays as having a seek time of 7ms or lower,only slightly lower than my drives that are single.HD Tach on the other hand says it is around 13.While both actuators do have to move to retrieve data, they only have to move half as far than a single drive would.This makes Sandra a little more convincing to me(to be fair to Storage Review it does say that there is a flaw in HD Tach when it comes to striped arrays).

Do I think raid0 is faster? Of coarse,I have two independent arrays.I would only use a single disk for backup.Oh, I have one of them to.
I do some video work and even two single raptors couldn't compete with my two array's when it comes to moving and rewriting such large files.Kinda wish I had four raptors for dual arrays, but they are going to hafta come way down first.
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