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Polyblock at caseetc.com

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I don't know about either, but a small tranmission cooler works very well for a radiator and they cost around $21. At least that is what I gave for mine.I don't know if I would trust a poly block. If the pump quit the temps would rise pretty quick. I turned my pump off on mine to see just how fast the temps would rise.Mine didn't rise to fast , but i have a three quarter inch copper waterblock I made myself.
I don't have a water system yet, but I'll probablywind up going that route. I do have a lick of sense though and IMHO, a water block should be Copper. If it consists of several pieces, it should be soldered. Radiator core should be copper also to prevent a galvanic reaction. Second choice would be Aluminum. Ditto on radiator core metal for same reason. I know many people use partial plastic blocks and many use glue, be it epoxy, RTV, whatever. Those just give me the "Heebie Jeebies".

I have the polyblock and big momma radaitor too. The block needed a bit of lapping on the copper plate, but beyond that, no prob, however, I do not have everything set up yet, so as soon as I do, watch for my posts on what happens.... :) See sig.
I have the Silver polyblock works great. Just don't want your pump quitting on you if you run a peltier setup. No leaks at all. I run my pump on a seperate line so I know it's working before I ever turn my system on. My system is a Celly600@900 @1.8V totally stable -30C won't go any higher (AMD here I come baby! :).