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--Poor Man's Cooling--

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World's Biggest E-Thug
Feb 9, 2002
Well, now that i got my camera problem sorted out i want
to show how cooling is supposed to be.

here is my Delta 520MM super fan
now i have upgraded to one awesome fan. this fan was
raped from an old air conditioner. the CFM is INCREDIBLE
and there is almost no noise. I am very pleased with my find.
my old setup was just with PSU exhaust and 2 80mm fans.
1 intake, and 1 exhaust. with the big 520mm white on my
system dropped 2 celcius and cpu dropped 2.

with the air conditioner one my cpu dropped a whopping
6 degrees C. and it's hot in my room. i talked my parents into
getting me a AC wall unit. then ill blow really cold air and drop
another 4C hopefully.
I Love it!

Do you have the panel on the far side removed? If not, I bet a dollar to a donut that if you took it off, your temps would go down even further.

thanks hoot, ill take off the other side panel now.

dragon, lol it would probably do it too

cooler, im gonna build a nice matching black box to go
with my case :p
Didn't you forget something? Where is the shroud? This
is supposed to be an all-in-one for LAN parties, right? :D
I like that 520mm fan and blower unit, and neither robs from your psu either!:D
Keep up the alternative thinking, you never know what can be dreamt up... :D
I think you should duct the A/C fan on the the left side panel and then Build a shroud on the the Box fan an attach it the the right side of the case. You will have a push/pull configuration with god knows how many CFM. Box it all up pretty and buy a fork lift to bring it LANs. LOL

What do you think?
thanks guys, i glad yall like it.

hey king B, that aint such a bad idea. maybe id get a smaller
cube fan and drill it into the other side of my case. then have
like a lock in shroud for the A/C cooler. that would be awesome.
cool, thanks hoot, my temps dropped another 2 C but it
now makes a different sound.
Silversinksam said:
I smell a new improved Hoot Shute II in the making ;)

ahha, catchy name, i like it

i think im gonna go to a junkyard this weekend and see if
i can find anymore of these. i'll let you guys know :p