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POP3 Android Email Client Needed

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Jul 16, 2005
I'm looking for an email client that can handle my Gmail accounts (IMAP) and also my POP3 account. Ideally, it would support a signature with a graphic. Blue Mail (or Type Mail) fits exactly with what i need, but I don't like that they grab my emails and store them on their servers until I receive them. They state that they "may" scan them, and use Mixpanel for analytics. Gmail already scans emails for marketing purposes, I don't need an additional "service" doing the same, especially with my POP3 account. (It's a business-linked account.)

I need a client that talks directly to the email servers, not a client that routes email through their own server(s) beforehand.

I'm currently using ProfiMail Go for my POP3 account, but I'm not a fan of the interface at all.

Any assistance is appreciated.
I have used Aqua Mail (when I was having Gmail notification issues, which turned out to be Doze-related) and really enjoyed it. You can try it and use it for free for two email accounts, however if you want more accounts and to remove the promo signature on outgoing messages you have to pay for the $4.95 pro key.
Thank you for the suggestion. I've just checked out Aqua Mail. It appears to not have an option to prevent deleting emails from the server after they have been received...I need to have the emails on both my desktop and phone to avoid having to juggle between the two in order to find an email. I'll continue to look at the application in case I've missed something obvious. I definitely like the interface better than ProfiMail Go.

Thanks again!
Sorry, I can't help there; I don't have a POP3 email to even set up on it. Good luck to you!
So it looks like the emails deleting is an Outlook issue. :mad: I am really regretting upgrading to Office 365 Home edition from 2007. I received an update a few days ago and it looks like that's when things started to go funky. I can replicate the issue with emails being deleted when repeatedly sending and receiving through Outlook. (I stay logged in via webmail and can watch the emails disappear. To verify that it's not the phone, I have disconnected from WiFi and have no data plan.)

I've had Microsoft Office support staff remote into my machine and try everything that I have. (They wouldn't open a support ticket until they did.) I'm hoping that an update will fix the issue...I don't know if I can roll back to before the update.
I figure it's about time to give an update...

I have confirmed that the email issue was Outlook related, and have found a way to roll back to an earlier version using the instructions HERE. After rolling back to 16.0.6366.2068 from 16.0.6568.2025 I am no longer having emails deleted from the mail server.

As per hokiealumnus' suggestion, I've been trying AquaMail. I still prefer the interface that Blue Mail provides, but AquaMail is getting the job done without additional data-mining. I've been able to setup a signature with a graphic, which is a huge plus. I may end up using IMAP on the desktop and phone in order to simplify things. I'll have a PST on the desktop for storing emails for a more permanent record. Once emails have been moved to the PST, I'll be able to remove them from the server. I only get about 50MB on the mail server, so even though it "supports" IMAP, it's not really useful. (Most of my emails on this account have attachments.)

I'm still keeping my eye out for alternatives, but Aqua Mail is definitely a worthy place-holder. Thanks again hokiealumnus. :thup: