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Positive water cooling experience

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Jun 15, 2002
Santa Barbara CA
In the course of removing and reinstalling my one-pound copper Volcano 7+ to switch to a faster P4, I snapped the plastic HSF lug on the motherboard and bent the pins on the new processor. I had been accumulating parts for a water cooling system for a while. So I went and got a temporary 1.8A and replaced the Volcano with a gemini swirl, an aquarium pump, an 87 Chevette heater core, and an external reservoir made from a Home Depot 5 gallon bucket. After making all the connections and checking for leaks,
I fired that sucker up. The load temperature is 34 C, about 15 degrees cooler than I ever got with the Volcano and four case fans on high.

The decibels are down appreciably.

But even better, I am running the 1.8 at 2.5 with complete stability. And just to see what would happen, I dumped a bag of ice in the reservoir/5 gallon bucket, and my load temp went down to 27 C. While playing UT2003 for an hour!!!

I can see how some skill might be involved to build an internal system, but this was a piece of cake. If someone would just make a set of quick disconnects for 3/8 ID tubing, I could go to LAN parties if I wanted to.

I had read (in the big waterblock shoot-out) that these gemini blocks are competitive with the Swiftechs in performance, and this one sure does the trick. I expect that when I get my replacement 2.5A, I'll be up to 3.5 in short order. Yahoo!
good job the first full system i put together was in a bucket but it was a 3 gallon. is your homedepot the orange one with the picture of the guy on it it says the paint bucket or something? if so i have the same one.
goatzool said:
If someone would just make a set of quick disconnects for 3/8 ID tubing, I could go to LAN parties if I wanted to.

I just pick up some quick disconnects from usplastics. There the highflow kind. Abit expensive but make hauling your system a snap. Also the ones I bought are the "shut off valve" type so as soon as you disconnect them theres no leaking:D
Fragn'stien, that's amazing. I was just kidding when I said quick disconnects would be handy, but they really exist !!! I'm on it.

And [EG}-Natz, yes, it's the orange bucket that says "Homer's All Pupose Bucket." Perfect for Halloween.

Thanks, folks.