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Possible Bad IMC on my i5-7600k

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Jan 12, 2015
I just got a new i5-7600k to add for my benching. I'm using a ASUS iX Apex (z270) with the lastest BIOS installed. I know I should have tested it before I de-lidded it but...
I have search online for my problem but no option fixed the problem ;-( I have taken this i5-7600k to 5.4GHz @1.6v and it has not broken 80c yet :)
So here's the problem --> The MB will not boot with memory speed SET above DDR4-2133. If I set it to DDR4-2400 (or any speed above 2133) I get an error code 25. I've looked this up and it is the most common with a CBB on the cpu. If I increase the Voltage to the IO and/or SA I get a error code of 3E. I've gotten by with setting the memory to 9-8-8-28/160 1T @2133. Has anyone had this problem with a i5-7600k - will this go away if I use my SS unit/dice?? Should I buy another??

Thank You
If you get 2x/3x errors at such a low clock then I don't think you can make much more. Low temps are usually helping a bit but mainly when you run at higher clocks and higher voltages related to the IMC. Especially when you have the Apex then it should run higher as you won't get any better motherboard for that. You can check if there aren't any bent pins and/or clean CPU pads with high % alcohol. You can also check totally different BIOS versions like +/- 5 and maybe it will start acting a bit different. I have no other ideas.
IÂ’ve purchased a 2nd i5-7600k :) I have been able to get the memory to 3733 @12-12-28/220 1t with 1.825v.. This is the same speed I was able to get my i3-7350k to run also. Which is better for benching - 3733 @ 12-12-28 1t OR XMP - 4133 @ 18-18-38 2t with 1.4v ??
My 1st i5-7600k topped out @ 5.4GHz with 1.6v (max of the ix apex with a AIO). The 2nd has done 5.4GHz with only 1.5~1.525v so it may go higher :) — Both do not break 80c under CB-15/20.