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possible virus?

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Apr 5, 2002
in my hotmail account i have been getting numerous emails from
Mail Delivery Subsystem <[email protected]> but i havent ben sending any e-mails is this a virus and how do i fix it?



Normal Member
Sep 7, 2003
I have Norton Anti Virus 2003 Pro, and love it. I recommend it also. 2004 went overboard on security and killed it.

I don't have my AV running, I just scan every once and a while, and scan files that I receive from untrusted sources.


Nov 16, 2003
Cleveland OHIO
well its one of 2 things im quite sure

1. you have a trojan horse trying to report bacck to a remote user your keystrokes and data and it somehow uses the aol mailer system

2. someone is using a mail spoofer and masking themselves as whomever they like. do NOT open these, many times they contain VB script that can download files to you or inset a backdoor anywhere on your system.

if you have a firewall take a look at the outgoing programs...if you find something like "Object: 092734" chances are it could be a trojan. I would recommend leaving nortons auto protect on. yea it can hog resources, but its worth it. if i trojan or virus gets in and it finds your AV inactive, many times it can configure itself to bypass it. Especially if you use kazaa, winmx, things of the sort, your begging for it.


Premium Member
Mar 11, 2003
the mailer_damon is like the admin or web master. those emails are possibly warning to you about emails you have sent that may containt viri. . ALSO IF you are using AOL 8 or 9 you may have accidently set off the spam filter. emails from mailer_deamon are not viri. More than likely they are rejected emails.


The Wrench

Dec 12, 2003
I had the same problem a while back. I did a bunch of reading but did not get clear answers. It appears that they are rejected emails using your name. I was getting like 30-40 a day. I changed the pass word to the hotmail account and they stopped for a few days. When they re started I change the password and all of the secret questions and answers etc. That worked for me.

I did read somewhere that it is possible to get an infected email that will steal your hotmail cookies or something like that . It said that cookie recognition will override passwords.

Sorry I can't be more clear on this.