Post your Experiences with Gaming LCDs!!!

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Jun 27, 2002
Toronto, ON, Canada
Hey peeps, this thread is meant to gather the experiences of us serious gamers and overclockers in this community with lcds. Since 16ms response times its finaly possible, and some ppl even games at higher response times well...

Ok, now onto my review:

Hitachi CML174 Black

Quick monitor specs:

16ms response time
400:1 contrast ratio
native resolution: 1280x1024
Analog & DVI-Inputs
zecsei black :beer:

Well dudes, i couldnt be happier with this monitor, even though i loved to game at 100fps in my old crt the eyestrain was starting to mess up my eyes... So this monitor does 60fps effectively (well, it really does 1000ms/16ms=62.5fps) and im glad to give out some fps for ABSOLUTELY ZERO EYESTRAIN. 400:1 contrast ratio ain't top of the line, but i can't tell any artifacting or messy dark colors, everything looks crisp to me. I should remind you im VERY picky with visual stuff.

To play at a native 1280x1024 resolution i must have a kinda good system, just look in sig.... Non native resolutions arent that good, 1280x960 is a little blurry, 640x480 is fine, 1024x768 is still bearable, but 800x600 sux utterly... I'm using DVI input right now, with 640x400 (DOS mode) the LCD applies a filter so it wont looked messed up. I must add that AA HELPS A LOT in non native resolutions, so crank it up if you wont get that much of a performance hit, GO ATI ;).

The drawback on this lcd is that analog mode SUX, image is washy, and with washy i mean ITS VERY ANOYING, yes i can work but reading through "waves" of sharp and unsharp letters sux... if you wont use dvi i wouldnt advise you to get this one.

Feel free to post your impressions of your lcd no matter if another user has it...

Ohh and heres our mantra, tag your sig!!!

Cisco Kid said:

Your eyes will thank you

Kudos LCD Gamers :D

PhobMX :cool:

This is a reference sticky. Post questions and comments toward other members elsewhere so we can keep it concise and convenient, please. I'll be trimming unnecessary posts as required. Thanks. On with the reviews!



Aug 23, 2002
Here's mine

Benq fp767 17" lcd.
500:1 contrast ratio
16 ms response time
260 cm/d brightness
$378 shipped from does not iclude 30 mir.
pimping black color

Flat out this is just a sweet monitor. best bang for buck by far. No ghosting at all in games and the text looks clear even very small fonts. I'm using the dvi out on ti4400 with an adapter as this monitor does not have a dvi input. That is the only negative point on this monitor. native res is 1280*1024 but I use 1024*768 with no negative difference at all.

your eyes will thank you



Mar 3, 2003
New Jersey
and mine, although it isn't a 16 ms response time monitor. planning on getting one though:

Viewsonic VG700 17" lcd
Contrast ratio: 450:1
Response time: 35 ms
Brightness: 260 cd/m
Viewing angle: 140 h, 135 v
Inputs: Analog
Color: Silver and Black
Integrated Speakers

Great looking monitor for anyone going for the silver/black theme. Decent for games, but expect a little ghosting. Looks best at native resolution (1280 x 1024), anything lower looks bad. Analog input only, but the quality is just as good anyway. I recommend using the dvi to analog converter, gives a little extra boost in performance and clarity.

your eyes will thank you!


Feb 22, 2003
Samsung 172t (black)
Viewable Image Size: 17"
Respone Time: 25ms
Brightness (Typical): 250 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio: 700:1
Viewing Angle (H/V): 170 / 170
Interface: Analog/Digital
Horiz. Frequency: 30-81
Max/Native Resolution: 1280 x 1024
Emissions Standard: TCO '03
Available Color(s): Black, Silver
Special Features: Dual CPU input,new slim design, retractable base.

Just had this monitor for a few hours now and it's amazing. The colors are unbelievably gorgeous, and the display has excellent viewing angles.

This monitor has a 25ms response time, and so I did notice some slight blurring in ut2003.

My DVD's have never been more beautiful. I can't see any blurring at all in them, and I my eyes seem to be able to notice blurring and other defects very easily.

The color is extremely uniform, I can't see any derivation in brightness on any part of the panel. No dead pixels. Color charts display very well and I am able to discern the difference between dark greens and red with fair ease.

I'm on digital hook-up, tried analog for a minute and hated it. Hope this helps.
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Cisco Kid

Senior Member
Jan 13, 2001
Happy Happy Happy

Great to a sticky dedicated towards getting a database going on the various 17" LCD options as well as other sizes to.

After lots of reading and comparisons in stores I choose the BenQ FP767 in black, and I paid $509 canadian which is about $375 US (if we had the rebate up here it would equal about $340 US DAMN GOOD DEAL).

500:1 contrast
16 ms response
Brightness 260 cd/m2
Viewing Angle (H/V Degrees) 140/140
(Max.) 1280 x 1024 /75 hertz
Pixel Pitch (mm) 0.264
Power Consumption (Max.) 50W
Analog input

I run 1280x1024 and I really like this res, the LCD runs 1024x768 fine with a tiny decrease in sharpness but still very acceptable. I have not played withg other resolutions. Colour saturation once calibrated as you like suits me fine. Differentiation between dark greens and black when watching dvd's is decent as all LCD's have this challenge. Gaming is where the monitor does very well, I have seen no ghosting at all. I am using a dvi to analog adapter via my 9500 Pro.

I feel the monitor offers great value especially when in the US there was a 30 rebate offered on it as well.

There is also a promo going on right now on refurb units for those interested follow the link $339 US free shipping for the FP767

Cisco KId:D ;)
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Jun 14, 2003
I go gaming at either a friends place or to a LAN party almost every weekend so portability is very important to me. I got the DELL 1800FP because a friend was buying 4 of them at a great price through work.

I noticed it is not quite as sharp as my other CRTs but it sure is alot easier to lug around than a 21" CRT and at 18" CS and all my other MP games still look great.


Oct 29, 2002
IBM T560, 15 inch TFT

None of the essential info is listed on IBM's site but the monitor does pretty well.

I play games like NBA Live 2003 and Unreal Tournament 2K3, and does pretty well, only little ghosting. I love the design too, and with both DVI and RGB in, it comes in handy... although I've KVM'ed now.

Cheers, Flix

The Grouch

Dec 2, 2002
New Jack City
I have two IBM T55As one black and one white :bang head: :D These screens were manufactured back in around 1998 and probably have a 300 ms response time but even FPS look okay to me and they are fairly bright with good contrast.

These IBMs are 15 inch and like every other damned 15 inch desktop LCD only do 1024 x 768. My Dell laptop comes with 15 inch that can do 1600 x 1200. It makes things look positivley huge on the IBMs. Why the HELL don't any manufactures make desktop models that do the same resolutions. I don't want to have to buy a fricken 20" screen to get high resolutions so I can see more than one page, or so i can use photoshop without needing dual monitors. :mad: A major selling point of LCDs are are that they are small.

Oh well, I should probably shut up now. But PUH-LEASE Hitachi, Samsung, NEC, Sony and anyone for that matter make an 15 inch--hell i'd be willing to comprimise--or 17 inch desktop LCD that does SXGA or UXGA! Perhapse with OLDEDs...


Mar 30, 2003
Albany, NY
The Grouch said:
Why the HELL don't any manufactures make desktop models that do the same resolutions

Because a laptop is very close to your eyes, so it's okay to set the resolution higher as you are already close to the display.

With retail LCDs, most monitors are about 24+ inches from the user's eyes, and 1600x1200 would be awefully hard to see on a 15" screen 24+ inches away.

That extra 6+ inches a laptop monitor is closer makes a big difference in viewing higher resolutions.


I'm a little teapot Senior
Dec 17, 2000
Montana, USA
BenQ 17in

you know the specs... eveyone here seems to have one and love it. Basically im not going to say anything new, so im not really going to say anything at all. Its a great monitor at a great price. I havent gotten to use it much (new job, work 4 ten hour days, get about 2 hours of none work none sleep time per day which mostly goes into showering and eating and stuff like that) but i did play some UT2003 on it the other day and i didnt see any ghosting or anything. Overall just read what everyone else said, i agree 100%


Senior Member
Jun 26, 2002
Another Benq FP767B user here.

absolutely astounding in gaming. much more so than any CRT i've ever used.

There is absolutely no ghosting whatsoever with this on any of my games.

The ease on the eyes has been very noticeable. i can game for a few hours now without my eyes getting tired like they did on the CRT.

I don't have any flat panels to compare it with but its a winner in my books. after the rebate it will cost me 348.00.


Senior Member
Jun 26, 2002
my 3.6ghz rig with 9500pro @ 340/270 (ram is slowly dying i think :() can handle just about any game* with 6xAA and 16xAF at 1280x1024 which is the max res for this Benq monitor.

* the only game that i've had to lower my AA and AF was the new star trek game but i think that had more to do with it being a demo than anything. retail code was probly smoother. everything from BF1942 to UT2k3 and Chaser runs perfectly at max everything.


Aug 6, 2001
Just wanted to chime in. I ended up buying myself a Smsung 191T. It is fantastic for gaming. I can't believe the size and crispness of screen. Just amazing. On top of that, I don't see the ghosting in games to the degree of those that have issues with it. I certainly don't see it in the racing games, and the FPS seem great to me (UT2k3 tested so far)...needless to say, I love it and im pumped.



Aug 29, 2002
new jersey
i have a samsung 152T silver
450:1 contrast ratio
350 brightness
digital and analog connections 25ms response time
i've had this one for about a week now no ghosting in games at all it looks so sweet and is like less than an inch thick very nice lcd for gaming


Jul 9, 2003
15:9 samsung 172w here,....

400:1 contrast ANSI (700:1 on the box sticker, they changed it)
450cd/m2 brightness
25ms response....

its a pretty good monitor against my other VX900 (can't afford VX2000), improved characteristics overall, and playing stuff like RtCW in 1280x768 widescreen does rock....

in general i'm liking this monitor better than almost all the other monitors that i've seen so far, except an eizo l-something,... which had like a 16ms response or something... which rocked, but otherwise, this is the best monitor i've used so far....

edit: watercooled [email protected] (2.1/2.2v vcore) and a 5600ultra voltmodded plays any game at 1280x768 (max res) without fsaa and af at about 100fps... which rocks a lot more that fsaa/af on,... the widescreen aspect allows more viewing angle and there fore in stuff like rtcw i can almost see people coming from 90 degrees, which makes me invincible as a panzerfauster...
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Senior Member
Jan 10, 2001
Got my benq 17w fp767 about a week ago and have been avoiding posting anything about it because i was so dissapointed in the quality of the of the picture.The bottom of the screen was so brite it whitewashed my tray icons while near the top the same shade of grey was noticably darker.i downloaded 3d 2003 and while running it the diving trools were so dark there were hardly any distinguisable features of them.It scored 1455 at stock settins so i thought there might be a little tweaking needed.thats when i found the color correctin in n-views panel.As soon as i turned up the digital vibrance,i saw a noticable improvement.The tray icons became almost crystal clear and the colors were fantastic.I reran 3d mark and the diving trools skin texture looked like they were painted with an artist brush.I scored less than 1000,but what a picture! I also found that the viewing anle was causing the lighter darker shades because my screen sits on a platform 8 inches above my desktop and most folks would sit much lower.By tilting the display downward the picture became uniform.I am using the digital to analog plugin that came with my vid card but had no idea that a little tweaking would change the picture from from crap to better than the old 955df crt.I only play one game online,delta force land warrior but it is much easier on my eyes than the 19 inch crt was(I'm old and visually imparied).Meybe you guys should also list your tweaked settings so that others would benefit from your expertise.

Power Unknown

Jun 23, 2003
i just picked up a viewsonice vp171b so far from a couple of games i have played i haven't noticed any gousting yet, i have it in analog mode since my 5200fx doesn't have dvi. it's more than bright enough, the contrast is set at 3/5 and the brightness is all the way down. and so far am very happy. was planning on buying and hitachi 174 but this on was at a better price at the time.

17" color TFT active matrix SXGA LCD
Brightness 260 nits cd/m2
Contrast Ratio 500:1
Viewing Angle 140° h, 140° v
Response Time 16ms
Panel Surface Anti-glare


May 3, 2003
Cleveland, GA
I just went through a NEC1912, 500:1, 25ms response, which had gorgeous colors, but serious ghosting on MOH, and mainly bright stationary objects. Action figures and effects were awesome. RMA'd that puppy and traded up to NEC 1980VS, designed for graphics, etc., 600:1, 25ms response, but much less ghosting. The crispness and saturation of the colors is awesome. One other thing I've noticed about the LCDs is that require something like a burn in to get the pixels jumping. I've been using the new one for 3 days and it looks better with less ghosting each time out. With the reduction of bulk (and weight on my poor comp stand), i don't see going back to a CRT any time soon.
PS. the LCD's replaced a Sony E400 trinitron, which is a pretty decent CRT.

Giblet Plus!

Sep 4, 2002
Northwestern University - Evanston, IL
My new NEC 1760nx is great for gaming!

I'm using the DVI port with a $7 cable I got from ebay. I haven't even tried the analog yet. So far, it's great in all my games:

Quake 3 - Very minimal blurring is noticable under extremely quick movements. When I play normal, instead of throwing the mouse around to test the LCD, it's great. It's a little easier to notice people against similarily textured backgrounds now.

Ravenshield - Played great. On super dark levels, I turned the contrast to 100% to make it easier to see. This made windows look wierd, and I have a feeling the developers of the game didn't intend for you to see everything on a pitch black night in the game.

CS - Worked great. I had to change scaling options in windows to get it to work at a near native res. HL doesn't do 1280x1024, only 1280 x 960, so I set it up to run centered. The two little black bars on the top and the bottom aren't much of an annoyance.

So for, :thup: