Post your Experiences with Gaming LCDs!!!

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Feb 14, 2005
Worc's UK
just got my Samsung 930BF & its fantastic, 4ms response, 700:1 contrast,

no ghosting ,shadows or any imperfections ,instant brightness settings for games, text, internet etc. simply can't fault it :santa:


Jun 19, 2004
Samsung 915N

I recently bought a Samsung Syncmaster 915N. I can highly reccomend it or the 940B (which to my knowledge is the same monitor, but with DVI for a bit extra).

Image quality is fantastic, the contrast ratio is surprisingly high and the brightness is just plain superb. The only flaw that I have noticed is that several shades of red display in a washed out fashion.

The lack of DVI doesn't seem to be a problem for this monitor, so if you want to save 40 bucks + buying a DVI cable it would be fine (if you have no money constraints however I would reccomend the 940B). Text is perfect, showing no signs of the analog to digital conversion. The response time is also very nice, Unreal Tournament 2004 and WOW show no signs of streaking.

Only real compain is that some images when moving very fast appear to kind of tear. Somewhat strange, but not really a both as it happens so fast and sporadically that you can only see it if you are looking for it.

Would give it an 9/10. (9/10 Contrast, 9/10 Brightness, Interference 9/10, Color 8/10, Response time 10/10)


Oct 9, 2004
Asheville NC
Using a Samsung 730 B, 8ms response 650:1 contrast ratio, and it's the best LCD I've ever owned. Playes game perfectly, and the DVI is wonderfull when hooked up to the X1800XT Crossfire 1024mb.


Jun 27, 2002
Toronto, ON, Canada
Well, im the thread starter and have to make my second review :D

Viewsonic n2750w 27" 8ms 800:1

It has got any input you can think of but HDMI (which i dont wanna hear about anyway). It has a few quirks: everytime you switch input the AR in the DVI input will switch back to 16:9 and in order to have matched resolution you have to set it manually back to 1:1. VGA Input has better refresh support but it tears now and then, so i just use dvi... but dont take my word on it, i'm gonna give it a second chance and update this review. I also see washed green and red edges now and then in dark areas but i have to be really picky to really notice it, it doesnt bother me.

Other than these couple of quirks its damn nice!!! i dont regret buying it at all. It was cheap, its big, its bright, image is a lot crisper than my old vp171b, its a good brand and the revised remote control is good. Sound isnt astonishing but well over average so if you want the best bang for the buck bit LCD go for this baby :) You'll forget about these little details quickly :D


Jan 7, 2006
I got a 19" LCD Sceptre x9g komodo V from tiger direct

comeing from a 5 year old 17 " (16" screen I guess) envision CRT I was kind of dissapointed with the new LCD

the pixel pitch (wich I didnt understand the importance of) has kind of got me down, if I had it to do again Id just go 17 inch for better pixel pitch so games like Rome:total war wouldnt look ugly

color seems good, image is physically stable (no wavy lines or anomalies), took me a long time fiddling with it, right now contrast and brightness are set to 6/32, and for some games I have to set contrast to 2

the other sad thing is it had advertizment wich would lead average joe to beleave they were purchaseing a monitor with both Analog and Digital input


* Flicker and Static Free
* PNP: DDC1/2B (Analog), DDC2B (Digital)
* Less Than VLMF Radiation Standard
* Panel & base detachable
* Factory presetting mode: 41
* Ergotron Arm Compatible (VESA 100mm)

it got me, I chose this monitor over another because this ones features appeared to indicate it had digital input, and i wanted to use my video cards digital input and rent DVDs instead of VHS, and watch on my computer, wich helped push my decision to go 19"

and since reading the digital vs analog forum Im even more dissapointed, even though I dont know what Im missing

has minor ghosting, or blurring, or whatever, Im not quite sure of the way peaple use those terms, and so many peaple say no ghosting what soever, and I cant see how that can be true, even reviews on a viewsonic with 2ms response time reported minor ghosting, but I assume that DVI LCDs with the same response time would see lest burring/ghosting

was $300 Canadian after 70 rebate
after taxes and shipping, and after I get the rebate it will have been about 385 outa pocket

the minor ghosting doesnt even bother me really, its the big pixels

age of kings, Rome total war, close combat, all games with many tiny sprites or viewing at long distances, all at Native Resolution, still so grainy :bang head , first person shooters are good on it though

there was a link on the first page I think, supposedly to a tool wich will help scaleing, but the link doesnt work, could anyone send me that tool or give me a good link? monitor tool kit or something like that
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Jan 24, 2006
Been using a Samsung SyncMaster 204T-Black primarily on my gaming rig.

I received it with no dead pixels and its run flawlessly at its native resolution of 1600x1200.

20.1" Viewable Display
16ms Response Time
700:1 Contrast
300cd/m2 Brightness
0.255mm Pixel Pitch
DVI and VGA inputs (comes with BOTH cables)

Cost just over $500 from

*EDIT* Just wanted to add, this was my first LCD that I was happy with from a die hard CRT fan. No regrets in this purchase!


Senior2 Member
Nov 21, 2005
Atlanta, GA, USA
I've had my 19" Viewsonic with the 8ms response, but a couple of weeks ago I bought the 3ms one and on dvi with my geforce 7800gtx and my pend D, this thing ROCKS! :attn:
Anything I do on this thing is absolutely flawless.
I would recommend this monitor to EVERYONE!


Senior Kitty Power!
Oct 31, 2001
Lost Angeles
Viewsonic VP201b. It flat rocks. Pulling 80fps at mostly high settings (dynamic shadows/lighting are off and no AA/AF) in BF2 with the rig-in-the-sig and the monitor doesn't bat an eyelash. I can whip around to pwn (or get pwned by) a guy coming up on my rear and there is zero lag, tears, or ghosting.

I still see reviews, comparisons, and comments about this LCD being the GOAT of gaming LCD's, like this one at Tom's where the author states that the new VP930 isn't an improvement over the 201b, and I couldn't agree more.

RoskO (_!_)

Dec 19, 2000
Bought a Dell 30" 3007WFP with EVGA KO 7800GTX

I was surprised at how well this performed. Previously I had 2 19" Samsung 930B's, and I couldn't be happier with the upgrade. I played a little COD2 last night at 1600x....whatever the res is for that. Ran it at 4xAA and it looked awesome. Talk about addictive.

I picked it up on ebay for $1608, and it came brand new in box. I am going to attempt to transfer the 3yr warranty very soon. No dead pixels or damage.

Tech Specs Here

I didn't see much if any ghosting on COD2. Also, I had to turn the brightness down a bit, so it's not lacking there. Some LCDs you have to crank up the brightness in games, but this seemed great even reducing the brightness. I will test more tonight with Toca3 and some other games. I'd highly recommend it if you have the cash.

Make sure your vid card supports dual link DVI, most 7800s and X1800+ do.


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Mar 19, 2006
portland, Tennessee
I have a dell Ultra sharp 2005FPW, a recent upgrade from a 21" true flat trinitron. I cannot believe i didn't decide to go lcd, or widescreen for that matter. I have had no glitches, ghosting, any othe problems thus far. I did have some minor light leakage the fist few days of use, but only o black screen. That has since subsided. Unbeleiveable detail on Need for speed most wanted, and COD2


May 23, 2002
Had the 2005, worked great, loved it so much I sold it and bought a 2405, same thing...don't see ghosting, much crisper picture, takes up a fraction of space....heh I got 3 LCD's now, a 2405 and 2 2001's


Apr 11, 2006
I have the viewsonic 19" vx922, it set me back a fair chunk but it puts my old videocom CRT (19"tube 17" viewable) to shame, the 2ms response time is great but the depth is brilliant. i have only had it for a couple of days but i am already in love.


Dec 26, 2005
Painted Post, NY
Gateway FPD2185W. Simply put: Awsome!
Not a bit of ghosting that I can notice. No noticeable "lag". Colors are beautiful, and images are sharp. Only drawback i have with gaming on it is the fact that my system can't push all my games at 1680x1050 res without dropping some of the settings (FEAR makes it :cry: ). It comes with hookups for vga, dvi, svideo, and component, so it will work with pc's and consoles. I'ld love to have an X-box 360 to hook up to it to see how the hd games look on it.


Dec 12, 2005
PhobMX said:

this deserves a thread and even a sticky on its own!!!

i used to think lcd gamers where doomed to native resolutions :D good to know this is available bro :D


Mar 8, 2006
Well, my LCD isn't exactly considered a "Gaming" LCD, but I noticed a big difference when switching from a 17" CRT to my VA902b. I didn't notice ghosting or other similar performance dropping issues, but the contrast and saturation was greater, it seemed smoother, brighter and more fluid. I love it :D I especially noticed the difference when playing GTA.

Completely awesome.


Jul 19, 2006
samsung syncmaster 710t (disscontinued I belive)
16s responce

got it 3 years ago for around 400.It is sooo good, i doubt ill need something new for another 4 years atleast. No ghosting at all. Its just a amazeing moniter: when I do need a new one I will be getting another samsung , no doubt.


Dec 18, 2006
Dell 2005FPW A03 + Hyundai L90D+

Dell is the main screen,Hyundai is secondary,and for games that wont play nice with widescreen.

Love the Dell,crisp,relatively bright,no noticeable ghosting in games or movies.extremely mild bleed on top left corner,that is hardly noticeable
even in a darkly lit room,playing widescreen dvd movies.I stick to the default res on both,but the Dell has 1:1 pixel mapping/resize and does
it well.1280x800 looks pretty darn good as well.I tried hooking it up with a few usb devices(mouse,pen drives)and a vcr and all worked well,and as
expected.No input lag that I can see.

I paid 380 Cdn for the Dell in June 2006 off [H]ardOCP forums.When I bought it,it was 7 months old.It has given me no problems and has performed
very well.It has about 23 months left on the warranty.Only thing I dont like about the 2005 is the service menu,but oh well,nothing is perfect.Its
12ms,but seems faster.Has great contrast,and can be as bright as the sun if you like it that way... :)

The Hyundai kicks butt as a gaming lcd,and is used primarily for Itunes and chat,as well as Acdsee/Photshop stuff.Its bright,and very vibrant.Colors
are inviting and crisp in games,and has 1 stuck pixel at the lower right half of the screen.I bought the Hyundai in Dec of 2005 for 339 Cdn + taxes.It
has no bleed at all.Also and again,no input lag that I can notice,and as an aside,I have used LCD's that did have that dreaded issue.

I am going to be purchasing a larger main screen in mid March.I have it down to the upcoming Samsung 245T(899 Cdn.),or the Dell 2407WFP A03
(699 to 899 Cdn.) May likely go with the Dell,I can get discount coupons very easy from friends that work for Dell locally here in Ottawa.Both were
driven by a Asus EN7800GT until Dec 2006,when my wife snagged me a eVGA 8800GTS for xmas :santa:
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