Post your Experiences with Gaming LCDs!!!

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Sep 29, 2004
My Yamakasi Cat leap is awesome for gaming. 6ms but absolutely no ghosting whatsoever. Nice and crisp at 2560x1440 screen Res and the colours look amazing since its an IPS panel


Jul 15, 2012
Got my ASUS 23" IPS monitor today and is now hooked up and what a difference compared to my Acer 18" TN. Like night and day, but somehow, its not as tall as the specs indicated, making me wonder if I could have gone with something bigger. I really wonder how tall a Catleap Q270 stands from the desktop to the top of the display in inches, not milimenters, with minimum clearance. I have about 2 inches to work with still, but I guess its too late now. I'll just live with it but I am curious.