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power issues with t-bird w/c setup

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Mar 19, 2001
i guess now that i've read that a 78watt pelt aint gonna cut it and that a 172watt plet requires way too much power...24volts....my questions are....can i get banned for too many questions? =)

what size psu should i get for a t-bird w/c setup? i want to tap of the psu to run my eheim pump directly off the psu along with 4 120mm fans, and standard gear.

would perhaps 2 78 watt pelts be enuff to keep up with a oc'd t-bird? that way i could just get a p/s capable of 400+ watts and 12volts at 20amps and connect right to p/s? i'm so damn ee ignorant. i need to figure out this watt/amp/volt thing.

bottom line 2 questions:
1. what size p.s. for pump and t-bird outfit.
2. will 2 smaller plets add up to enuff cooling? any recs here? there is no way i can fit another psu in my case.
3. if 2 is logical, what size psu then?

sorry for the lame questions guys. i owe you all a ton.
i thought i saw something somewhere...looking in my notes...where someone tapped off the inside of his powersupply, so that there would not be another plug.
Power supply mods: I just cut a hole in the side and mounted a plug from that I picked up a Radio Shack, an old PS could also be canibalized for a plug to. I solderd it to the incoming AC on the switched side (my PS has a switch on the back) The PS has a rating of 400w I think it is a good idea to have a stron PS when overclocking Athalons.

this was from my notes. i have a friend who is good with electronics...i'm just trying to make sure i have notes to hand him and let him get electricuted. =)