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Power Supply Fan Reversal

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Oct 18, 2001
I was thinking about air-flow within my water-cooled antec case and wondered if anyone has reversed the power supply fan somehow...?

I mostly want to force all incoming air to go through the radiator mounted at the inside-front of my case.

I looked at the tips&tricks for case cooling, but didn't see anything for power supply fans... unless I missed something..?

Anyone have anything regarding this?

I've tried running my PS fan as both an intake and exhaust. To reverse the direction of flow, simply open up the PS and flip the fan over. It only takes about 5 minutes, and is very easy to do.

I think the PSU gets hot enough that the air from the inside of it (is pumped into the case) would have an effect on the watter temp...like increase the temp......have you ever felt the air comin outta the power supply? its hot no matter how much load you have on the cpu.....if anything try to isolate the air around it and make its own duct from outside the case....this would allow it to not affect the air flow in the case......
I reversed my ps fan and set it down to 5v also. it is used as psu cooling as well as cpu cooling (k6-2 300). :burn:
Actually acording to ATX spec. the ps fan SHOULD suck in air from the outside of the case, but i would only recommend this for older computers or psu's that don't get so hot.:D
Most power supplys produce alot of heat and should be used as exhaust only! you will most likely see a raise in temperatures if you are using it as an intake.

You DONT want hot PSU air blowing on ur cpu! not to mention that opening your PSU will void the warrenty.