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Power supply JFYI

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Nov 3, 2002
I have been playing a bit with power supplies, I have bought 2 PS's to ugrade the one that came with my case.

I have a ENLIGHT Model# EN-72370AZ 340w Case

~Sparkle 400w - FSP400-60GN
~Antec 430w - True430

to my amazement after testing 2 other Power supplies in this system I found the stock Enlight 340w yealded the best stability in over clocking.

I have 100% stability at 2000mhz with the Enlight 340w

with the sparkle 400w I get random lockups and blue screens at 2000mhz (166x12) and 100% stability at 1920mhz (160x12)

and with the Antec true-430w I get random lockups and Bluescreens at 2000mhz(166x12) and 100% stability at 1944mhz (162x12)

weird thing is that heres my voltages in the Bios with each Power supply

Volt antec sparkle Enlight
+3.. +3.25 +3.45 +3.28
+5.. +5.085 +5.03 +4.86
+12.. +11.92 +12.42 +12.83
-12.. -11.95 -12.40 -13.40
-5.. -5.127 -5.03 -5.62

sometimes Better isnt always better :p

my system:

Enlight case 340w

Athlon xp2200 (1800mhz) @ 2000mhz (166x12) 1.85v

CPU heatsink/fan ARKUA 462 ,

2 antec blue LED case fans (front/rear)

Bay cooler Triple fan

Mushkin 512 2700DDR Cas 2.5

Asus A7v333

Geforce4 Ti 4400 @300/640

SB live value

Maxtor 80Gig 7200

lite-on 16x dvd/40x
whatever works

Enlight supplies are not bad quality. It would appear that your equipment likes the higher (out of spec) voltages the enlight is producing. While in your case this seems to be productive like any out of spec voltage this might also prove damaging in the long run. Personally I would use whatever worked best, but I would see the somewhat extreme voltage of the Enlight as being a band-aid for a set of components that doesn't really want to make it all the way to 166FSB. Sometimes more is better, and sometimes it's just more.