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POWER SUPPLY problem or not?

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New Member
Jun 18, 2001

You see i have got problems with my CP P3 700/100 @ 933 MHZ with ABIT BX 6.02 motherboard! It's running like 3 hours with no PROBLEMO and then BBUUM it turns off?! Do you think that power supply should be changed? What are your experiance with MACCASE 300W, now i have got ordinary one on 230 V, my case is pretty buisy LIVE CARD+ additional cooling fans, oh my INTEL runs afther 3 hours of intense 3D graphics and games on 45 deegress(bad/good)? Any ideas, thanx for reading this, hope you replay, please HELP ME! Should i buy new POWER SUPPLY OR NOT??

Exactly 3 hours everytime? Maybe it's some stupid Windows or bios power save scheme. For me, the time I found out I needed a new PSU was when I got a GF2MX and my HDD started 'hiccuping' (shutting down and restarting again) from time to time.
maybe it really is a power supply problem.... your 45 degrees are very good and it souldn't be the reason for your problems. it would be good to borrow a better power supply frm a friend and test it. if this doesn't solve the problem then something else is defect.
yip it was the power supply i have been testing the baybe 5 hours now and no crushes at all, on my new 300W LOGITECH power supply! Thanx for help!

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