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power supply suggestions

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Sep 4, 2008
The last couple of days I have had blue screen crashes, code error 41.
I am experiencing the crashes when I am heavy in using photos, modifying them, etc. with a software similar to photoshop, or when I am editing movies, or if I am playing Skyrim with music playing in the background.

For overclocking - I am letting Asus handle that and Zotac has Firestorm that does GPU overclocking... i think that is what it does lol

I am assuming the GPU is not getting enough power and since the only thing I carried over (except for the case) was the power supply I am thinking that may be the culprit. I bought it back in 2014 (i think, may be older). Its an EVGA Supernova 1000 P2.

So I figure, why not replace the power supply and go from there.
I looked at the EVGA 1300 P2 first, since the current one has lasted so long but many reviews complain about coil whine and issues with quality.
I have been looking at the Seasonic, since @EarthDog has a few comments praising the brand in other posts.
The Seasonic i have looked at is the Prime and the Vertex.
The Vertex appears to be difficult to source, since it is ATX 3.0 and fairly new.
The Prime is easy to find.

Do I need the Vertex or another PSU with the ATX 3.0 ?
Is that one cable for the GPU, really better than two separate ones? I believe that is all it refers to - not sure.
I have a Zotac 3080 GPU, No plans on upgrading it unless it dies. I rarely play games, if I do it is Skyrim, World Of Warcraft, that kind of stuff.

Before you go buying expensive arse overkill power supplies... figure out if that's the issue. There's no way that's not enough power... so if the PSU is the culprit, it's faulty, not because it doesn't have enough power to drive the GPU/system.

If it is, there's absolutely no reason to buy more than 1KW. With your system with an RTX 4090 would run happily on an 850W unit. I run a 13900K and 4090 on a 850W (Prime Platinum).. came from a 750W (that worked just fine).
As far as ATX 3.0.. it's the newest standard, so when you do upgrade that GPU at EOL, that will be the plug used. Any high quality PSU you buy will have a 10 year warranty (doesn't yours? Maybe 7 years) and be in use.
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