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power supply> was registering.....PLZ

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Sep 29, 2002
I had an older case , that had a 400 watt kingstar power supply in it. I kept getting different readings on the voltages for the board, like when it was supposed to be 12.00 it was 12.28, and 4.95 where it was supposed to be 5, and the one that made me try a new power supply/case was the one that was supposed to read 3.3 and was only showing 2.98......now, with this new case, it has a true power 420watt turbolink power system, and the wattages are reading
12> 11.904
5v > 4.919
3.3> 3.136
vcore> 1.552

NOW should I be going back to the store and exchanging it for an antec, ( and that is what I had THOUGHT I bought in the first place) or are these readings normal?
PC Power And Cooling shows one of its PSUs next to a King Star to demonstrate how bad a cheap PSU can be. :( My 250W King Star looks a lot like it, and it never gave me problems until my friend plugged a DIMM in backwards and proved that there was no short circuit protection for the +3.3V rail. While repairing it, I noticed that the +12V rail wasn't regulated, but the +3.3V and +5.0V were, or at least the overvoltage protection monitored them. This PSU was able to power a 1.7 GHz Celeron system, but a 1.3 GHz barebones Duron always made it shut down in 30 seconds.

My King Star put out slightly high voltages, the worst being +3.41, and my 300W Antec (not TruePower) put out just 4.95V and 11.90V with that 1.7 GHz Celeron (measured with a multimeter) but slightly lower voltages when the load was lighter (466 MHz Celeron).
I just got done, playing a heavy game , and the voltages are down. I beleive I will be taking this back to the store Tuesday. the
12v is 11.904
5v is 4.19
3.3 is 3.11
vcore is 1.55

the bottom line is, I had asked for, and thought I was given, and Antec, as I heard they are good boxes, and power supplies. SO I first of all , didnt get what I had specifically asked for. I thought there was something wrong, when I kept seeing on Antecs site, the 430true power.....this one is supposed to be a 420true....well, it isnt regulating the voltages, like I beleive it shouldbe, so back it goes. Thank you for your post.