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Power up problem

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Nov 10, 2002
My video card doesn't initialize sometimes. The computer beeps on POST and the hd's act like they are booting, but no video. I have to power down and start over. Sometimes 3 or 4 times, usually the 2nd time works though.

No random shutdowns or lockups, system is stable when on, but it's just the turn on that gets me.

Any suggestions or info is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Welcome to the forums.
Make sure the card is correctly seated. Might be just a little loose.
What was the exact beep code?

1 Long 3 Short is a video failure.

If reseating the card does not help, and you have a
spare video card you may want to try that.
Sorry, I wasn't explicit enough: it's not a POST error code, it's the POST standard single beep to signify all is well. The computer boots, just no video signal.
Anyone think that increasing the AGP voltage will help?
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