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Jan 3, 2001
Alright i have a 118 watt peltier with specs of
Imax=14 amps
DTmax=68 deg. C
Vmax=15.8 volts
Qmax=118 watts
I want to buy a power supply that is 13.8v and 12amp constant 14 surge what woould my peltier be rated at then Thanks a bunch.
Are you wanting to know how many watts your peltier will be able to pump when running at 13.8V instead of 15.8?

If so, my calculations sounds about right. At 13.8V, you are running at about .8 of the rated voltage, which would give you somewhere around 103 watts. To be more specific, my TI spurt out:
103.063291139240506329113924050612 watts.

Does this sound about right to everyone else?
I'm not familiar with the term Qmax rated in watts, but 14amps at 15.8V is 221.2watts. I'm unclear about the difference here- I would like to know also.
I was also wondering about that because that what I figured out too. I think I am going to send overclockerz an email to ask them whats up with there specs. IF any one nos where I can get another 118 wattt or around that peltier for 26 bucks please tell me. Thanx
That's what my first calculations were, but that didn't sound right. So, I divided 13.8 by 15.8 and got .87, take .87 x 118W and you get 103W. 14A for a 118W peltier is waay too much, you would spend more in kilowatt/hrs on your computer than on your heating bill. ;)

For the best peltiers made on the planet, visit http://www.tedist.com .. Make sure you get a potted version.
Okay I am thinking of getting the 120 watt peltier from that website. j Just one more question is 120 enough to cool a 800 t-bird possible overclocked. Oh yeah and can a seperate 300 watt power suplly power this peltier. Thanks.
It is only going to be 12v off of the 300Watt PS and the 120WATT peltier is 24v so you'll only be running @ 60Watts. Need more voltage.

I am looking for 24v 7.9 amp power supply and having no luck where can I get one?