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powering a 172 watt peltier

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Mar 19, 2001
I am making my own water cooling system and I was thinking about buying the 172 watt peltier that is at dangerdens

however I dont know how to power the damn thing

Imax = 11.3 Amps

Qmax = 172 Watts

Vmax = 24.6 Volts

Delta Tmax = 69 (C)

Size = 40mm X 40mm X 3.2mm

does anyone use one right now? if so what is your power supply?

my goal is to get a 1.2ghz tbird to a 1.6 tbird and yes I have the good cpu chip that everyone seems to want so Im sure it can reach it if I have realy good cooling
no matter what anyone tells you, you WILL need two power supplies unless you want to pay big bucks for a 650 watt from enermax. Get a 300 watt atx power supply for the pelt alone, the psu should be able to put out 15A@12V continuous. You can wire the two power supplies to turn on and off together in sync with your cpu power button. If you do not follow this advice, you will burn out your cpu gaurenteed. a GOOD 450 watt psu puts out 18A@12V- considering that 15 of those amps would go to the peltier, that leaves 4 amps for the whole system! Your harddrive spin up takes 3A alone leaving 1A for everything else. Also, make sure you have one badass radiator (or two!)
get an older AT power supply, not an atx so you can turn it on without having to connect it to everything. There is a way to let the atx turn on without the mb, but that requires some soldering.
I think Im going to buy a $10 300 watt AT power supply

if anyone knows somthing I dont about this PLEASE speak up now.
I got poor results with an AT psu because it's not adjustable, and my 172 watt works best at 21 volts. I finally got a new unit from TE, you can check it out here, I got the 24-12.5: description Works great, fits in a 5.25 drive bay, and has built in cooling.
The TE PSUs looks sweet. The other "new" PSU alternative is an Astron http://www.astroncorp.com/ . The LS18A will supply 12 amps and can be adjusted down to 22 volts. It's about $190. The VLS series offer more voltage range to hit that 21 volt sweet spot. For a dual 172 watt pelt, the only PSU I have found that can handle it is the VLS35M. It's not cheap but with 5 to 32 volts, you can use it for other things if you tire of pelts or buy a Vapochill.
Warlord2 (Apr 13, 2001 11:22 a.m.):
I think Im going to buy a $10 300 watt AT power supply

if anyone knows somthing I dont about this PLEASE speak up now.

no don't buy a 12V power supply of any description. You have a 24V pelt so you need a power supply that will at least get close to 24V. running a 24V / 172W pelt at 12V will only give you around 50 to 60W of cooling