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Powering a 94.0 watt Peltier...

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Senior of BX
Dec 17, 2000
I just picked up a peltier and am going to have to build myself a power supply for it...
a fast overview of it is...
Imax = 6.1 (amps)
Qmax = 94.0 (watts)
Vmax = 24.7 (volts)

You can get the specs <a href="http://www.amkcomputers.bc.ca/peltier__tec.htm"> here </a>. I picked it up at AMK computers....

Should I run the peltier at its full potential ? , just under it so I don't burn it out ?. Any good links to building a power supply for it, I want the schematics. or any other thoughts on it would also be very helpful thanks
i think i may (for now) just use my second PSU to power the Peltier. I dont think runnig it at 17Volts should cause any problems..... it is an ATX PSU and if I use pin 10 (+12v) and 18 (-5v) that should get me going just fine.

Or does anyone see any problems with me doing so?
Using the +12v line and the -5v lines will give you a potential difference of 17v. However, the maximum current you will be able to draw will be limited by the -5v line. The -5v line on most computer power supplies is limited to about 1 amp max. So, if you try to use the +12v and -5v line to power your peltier it won't work and may burn out your power supply. The same thing applies to using the -12v line also because the -12v line, just like the -5v line, is limited to about 1 amp. So, your gonna have to use something other than a computer power supply to power this peltier.