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Powering Peltiers

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New Member
Feb 13, 2001
I understand that the ideal solution is to designate another PSU to power up the peltiers. How much of power does the designated PSU needs to have to power the peltiers? Will a generic 200W PSU do? (considering the peltier only needs 72W)

However, I would like to avoid an additional PSU due to to space constraint. So, can anyone suggest a single PSU that would be able to power up the peltier as well as the devices without being overloaded? Is the Enermax 430W or 630W PSU good enough for the job?

I will be using a 72W peltier.

I have the following devices/components:
1 X SB Live Drive
1 X Floppy
1 X Zip Drive
3 X Hard Disks
7 X Case Fans/Chipset Fans

You might be able to run all of your gear on one big psu, just check the current rating for the 12V output. Your pelt needs ca 6A, each hdd uses 1-2 A during startup but little after that. Cdroms and burners use probably 1A or so (burners more/cdr less). And then of course your fans use [rated wattage]/12 A.

Still you will be better off with separate psu for your pelt and fans.

What cpu have you got anyway?
Will a PSU that will do 12V@12A like the Enermax 430W do as a single PSU as most 72W peltiers I came across require a PSU that can do 12V@6A at least.

My chip is a P3 800EB cB0 currently running 936MHz rock stable. @960 will lock up after long hours of gaming, though window apps run perfectly fine. Posted into Windows b4 @1000MHz with the onboard video though locked up shortly after running any apps. Hoping that peltier will push it up a notch stable. Also, I'm looking forward to getting a P3 700E or 750E cC0 chip very soon
Hi , I would not spend the money on the 800EB because it is a cpu that rarely hits the 1ghz . It being a 133mhz cpu it will start with high pci/agp settings and you will reach the max of your devices very soon. So i don't think you will get the 1ghz stable. The 700E is a exelent overclocker, maybe the best around now, so i would spent a peltier on that chip. I killed my PIII800EB a couple day's ago
because i wanted to get it stable at 1ghz , the best it did was 933mhz stable , look around at the forums and you will see for your self , there are a few that can get the speed but they are very hard to find!!
With the 700e youcan reach the 1ghz 99% sure, i have one now and it's running stable at 1100mhz with the use of the peltier. Think hard and read more posts on the forum before you decide , look at the database on this forums frontpage. good luck!
b.t.w a seperate powersupply is the best , i bought a 13.8 volt powersupply and the peltier cooles better with the 2 volt extra.
Thanx for the advice. Yeah I did read a lot through forums and sites that the EB chips are not as good or as easy to overclock as the E chips, and that the 700E's are the best chips for overclocking.

But then, hey, if my devices can take it, why not push it to the max. Besides, high FSB would perform better. I got this chip almost 9 months ago and has been running at 936 since the first day I got it, and it would have been running @960 hadn't it been that I play a lot of games on it. I, too, do not put much hope on reaching 1GHz stabily with that chip. But, I do plan on getting a 700E in the very soon future, so might as well squeeze the juice out of this one before trying my hand on the other one.
IMHO, I'd go with a seperate supply for just the pelt, I have an enlight 400 watt server supply that puts out 14amps at 12v, but if you have a lot of periphs that your running, sometimes you'll get errors, as the pelt takes a big drag on the supply at boot, and even the best supplies have a hard time... your 200 watt should do the job fine.
The Enermax 430 has more than enough juice to handle a 72w pelt. I've got one powering 9 hard drives, cd and dvd, zip drive, floppy, 72w Melcor pelt, 14 various case and drive fans, and PIII750E in a Chenbro Netserver case. I do agree that an additional PSU is actually the better way to go, but the Enermax does handle the load.
By the way, with 2 PSU, that brings up a confusing point to me, as I'm new to this. How would two 2 PSU power up simultaneously once the PC power ON button is pressed? How would you make 2 PSU to work simultaneously?
Marrying to PSU's is very simple if you know how they work...if not then this are good instructions: