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Powers straight down

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Jan 25, 2002
North West, UK
I recently built a new computer for a friend but when i turn it on it powers up for about 3-4 seconds and then turns it's self off again. Pressing the power switch on the front of the case does no good. so if u want to have another go at turning on your PC you have to flick the switch on the actual power supply. Please can anyone help????????

I have checked over all the connections and they are all in the right place.

Can anyone help me?????? Or can you tell me a way i can find out what if any of my components are not working properly????

Any help would be grateful appreciated!!!!

I came across one that was as simple as a dodgy switch.
The plastic covering didn't quite match up.

Is the heatsink on? Some mobos detect extreme heat and switch off by default.
Came acroos this same problem with my friend about two weeks ago... The case he bought came with a generic 350W power supply, we went nuts trying to figure out the problem. Turns out in the end it was the power supply. He got an enermax 350W and everything has been great since.

Hope this helps.
Definately soundsl like you're overloading your PSU there. Try removing everything but video, ram, cpu, and hsf and see if that POSTs.

If it does, it's definately a PSU problem.