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PowerStrip, Rage3D ... how do they work?

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Mar 6, 2002
I'm just wondering what the low down is on these graphics card tweakers. Basically how do these work? Do they let you fry your card, or is each setting determined for each card. I've got a retail radeon 8500 and PowerStrip 3.15 will let me jump ram and core up to 365 MHz. Can I do this, or what does this even mean? Thanks for answering these, i'm sure, inferior questions.


Jan 25, 2002
pretty much if you take it to far, your video will lock up.. = reboot.. the program will take note of this an load up at previous default settings.. (this is for Powerstrip, I havent used rage3d's tweaker but I would assume the same)

However to be safe, I would look into adding Ramsinks and a better video cooler to the gpu..

I got kind of a bummer Radeon it would not overclock at all stock, I was stuck at 275, but ram would go to 295.. I added a custom fan and ramsinks, also had to do a hardware voltage mod and I can now overclock stable and clean at 297/300.. but people are able to do more than me under stock cooling, so it will be luck of the draw..