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Powersupply Problem

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Mar 3, 2001
Hamilton, Ontario
i have already installed 4 80mm fans for case cooling 2 intake 2 exaust and i am planning to install 4 more, should i buy a new powersupply, or just use an old powersupply to power just the fans????
I burned up a 250w PSU with running just 3 80mm fans, a slot 1 alpha cooler, a 50w tec and everything you see below! If your having problems you'll start to get bios checksum errors at bootup. Sometimes it wont post, or when you shut it off and turn it on you dont get any power at all. Also I was getting strange lockups sometimes. All due to maxing out my PSU! Atseast these are the problems I was having. Oh and dont let me forget to tell ya about some of my 4 prong PSU cables being melted, Yes melted to some of the add on y connecters! I had to snap them off. They were all brown and burnt!

I am currently on the verge of frying another 250w.
But hopefully it will hold up till my 431w Enermax comes in that I just ordered. Actually tonight I think i'm gonna go in and take the peltier out till the new PSU comes in. Then I shouldnt have to worry about it.
300W is more than enough, you have plenty of overhead...it will last you through many upgrades...unless you decide to throw in a RAID array