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powertek power supplies

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Jul 12, 2002
anvil82 said:
I mean it Looks good. :D

So let me get this straight, they stopped putting "This product is pure unadulterated junk" on the sticker? Clever marketing.

Let's trace the identity of this "600W" power supply. Here is the picture supplied:


A few interesting things can be noted. First off there is no 3.3+5V power rating. Hmmm. Second is the lack of FCC approval. And third was a rather critical mistake on the part of the scammers that sell this junk, the little "KYP-375ATX" designation. My good friend Mr. Google knows the origin of this designation. Witness:

http://www.cnsunpro.com/KY-2102 ATX.htm

Notice that KYP-375ATX (A product of the Sun Pro Electronics Co. LTD, established July 1999 in China) is actually a 300W supply. Even the 375 is a lie. Also notice the rated outputs of the supply:

--------dealsonic-----------Sun Pro----------

So there you have it, the design and manufacture of a "600W" power supply. Let's list the steps.

1) Find the cheapest junk power supply you can find in China.
2) Igonore all concern for its true output.
3) Find a spiffy gold box and many fans.
4) Transfer the guts out of said cheap supply, and put them in the spiffy gold box.
5) Add many (cheap) fans, and stir.
6) Make up a label with whatever numbers required to show the world how good of a product you have. (large ones seem to work best)
7) Kick back and rake in the profits, hoping that the FCC never catches on. (Fortunately you have shoddy dealers like DealSonic to shelter you from the rage of the duped buyers)


Jul 14, 2002
This is about the third PSU from Dealsonic that fell way short, and with at least one other model even the amp & volt numbers printed the nameplate didn't add up to the advertised power (366W vs. 400W).

Another dealer modifies PSUs by installing clear covers and lighted fans. I was looking at their website and noticed that their products were UL approved. So I sent an e-mail asking them how they could afford UL approval because their modifications required getting the PSUs recertified by UL and that it probably cost $20,000+. Several seconds later, all claims of UL approval disappeared in front of my eyes.
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