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Preston and HT II support on Granite Bay?

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Jan 8, 2002
The P4 platforms have been pretty solid in keeping compatibillity with newer cpus but how will Granite Bay do?
The Prestons are coming next year and I don't feel like having to pay 200$ now for a GB board just to find out that I can't use a Preston CPU or even HyperThreading II.
Does anyone know if it will work?
I mean the thing isn't out yet but I'm allready worried about the compatibillity since Preston isn't too far away from what I've heard.
do you mean prescott?
given intels knack for making mobo's obsolete at the drop of a hat, i wouldn't count on GB supporting prescott.

but you never know.
looktall said:
do you mean prescott?
given intels knack for making mobo's obsolete at the drop of a hat, i wouldn't count on GB supporting prescott.

but you never know.

That's unfair, you can use a 2.6gig in a socket 423 board can't you?
If we all know one thing, it's that Intel always makes new formats for thier new products. Lets see....

Pentium = Socket 7
Pentium 2 = Slot 1
Pentium 3 = Slot 1 / Socket 370
Pentium 4 = Socket 423 / 478

As you can see, they like to change things. I also read that the new P4's might need new mobo's anyways because of the new power requirements of the new P4's.
The first Prescotts will still be socket 478, so that shouldn't be a big issue. But the FSB could be an issue as might changes to HT (although there will always be the option to not use HT at all).

Springdale (Q2'03) is the first official Prescott-supporting chipset, and I suspect it will be an uphill trek to get older chipsets to work (though not impossible).
well the from xbitlabs.com


GA-8INXP from Gigabyte Technology

What is very interesting about the GA-8INXP mainboard is that it is the first one to support the so-called Gigabyte’s Dual Power System

The DPS is an additional board that can not only provide better stability compared to the rivals, but also to increase the strength of electrical current up to 150A and electrical power up to 225W. The company hopes that this will provide end-users an opportunity to install the next-generation Pentium 4 “Prescott” CPUs on this mainboard. Basically, in case Gigabyte guarantees that the device will work stable when the PSB overclocked to 667MHz, it makes sense, however, I am not sure that the current revision of E7205 core-logic can take advantage of the Hyper-Threading II and other advantages of the up and coming Pentium 4 processors made using 90 nanomenter technology.

so it could possible that a GB will work with prescott...
Yeah 667fsb should'nt be a problem at all, it's most likley the amperage required by the .09 micron chip since it will use much lower volts to give enough power to all those tiny japanese people who calculate the numbers in there. ;)
But seriously I really hope that Intel can help the mobo makers to make room for the newer chips in the mobos.
They should have at least some knowledge on th matter even though the chip isn't finished yet.
I shall hope so because of the prices they seem to wanna charge for the Granite Bay.
sbeaver LOL, i wonder how smaller can they keep making the japenese people in the chips? 0.09 microns tall.. hehehe

good joke :)



o yea.. the topic.. well i think new mobos come cause the older ones dont work as well with the newr procs.. whoever uses their tbird 600 mobo with their xp2400.. noone i think


cheers again