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Preventing algae growth in open reservoir...

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Dec 18, 2000
Yup, my little water cooling project is going to be completed soon and I was just wondering are there any chemicals being sold commercially that will prevent algae growth in an open/exposed water reservoir and will not foul the air (don't wan'y to get poisoned sitting next to the water cooling rig)? My cooling system is based on the concept of a evaporative tower. Er, how long will it take for the nasties to grow and become noticeable if I was lazy in changing the reservoir water?
hey bro,
i don't know if algae is really a consideration in watercooling.
if you keep the water clean it'll help. i think using filtered water would be good also.

aside from that, go down to a good fish store/aquarium supplies
find a knowledgeable sales guy, and talk to him.
there are definitely chemicals available, and just a small drop should do the trick... as theres no fish or fishfood in the resevoir to aid in growth of anything.
Oh yeah, thanks Colin, for replying to my post in the thread 'Keeping the water clean...' -couldn't find that thread at first so I started this one. Anyhow, people, do pour some advice into this thread as well, ok?
I would highly recommend get some sort of water treatment, there are many nasties that grow in evaporative cooling systems some of then are potentionally dangerous/fatal to us humans. I used to work with such systems in large scale installations and chemical dosage is considered vital. Legionairs Disease is probably the best know, people catch it from poorly maintained open circuit air con systems. (there was an outbreak in New York about 10 years ago that was traced back to one evap cooler on a building)
I would look on the web for air con companies and then try and find a supplier from them.
Staz (Jun 13, 2001 10:00 a.m.):
I do not watercool so this is just an "I was curious question"

Has anyone ever tried cool mint listerene?

Hmmm, minty fresh breath... I don't really know how I'll affect the bong system tho...(water pH, conductivity, heat capacity, viscosity, etc.)