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Preventing condensation (Without resources mode)

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Dec 18, 2000
Well, t this time, some of you know what i mean "withouth resources" when you live in Brazil... Some of you folks are helping me to slowly build my homemade superpower watercool system (without resources of course).... An "artesanal" made setup... Well, i´ve seen on the online stores, some kind of spray to prevent condensation... I wonder if anyone of you have ever used it and what is it maded with (composition)?
So i decided to make some tests with my shoes impermeabilization spray and an old isa videocard:

1- sprayed the impermeabilizant on half the card, waited 20 minutes and repeated (as the can instructions)

2- With my hands, trow a bit of water on the impermeabilizated side and the bare side, and yes, the water rolled out in the impermebilizated side and sprayed all over in the bare side.. Intresting..

3- put the card in the freezer for 5 minutes, removed it and observed the condensation effects on the two halfes: Prett same condensation on both surfaces, but again the water in the impermeabilizated half seems not to penetrate nor to spray over the surface like if there was a kind of coat protecting it, bu the bare half was really more moist, and the card had an diffrent wet aspect as if it had been submerser in water... different from the other half..

Well, think, if you don´t have anything to protect all your system for leaks (beside the traditional silicone, greases and foam...) (prevent), this cheap $3 spray for shoes impermeabilization may help... maybe spraying all the motherboard wouldn´t hurt... If I had a p90 to test it, I´d use this spray and trow some water to see what happens he he;
Seems like a front page experiment to me. Take some photo's (if you can get the old mobo) and go for it. Maybe you win the monthly prize, just like Odd One did! If it really works, it would be a leap in overclocking enginering.
Well, I don´t think this may worth a prize.... May be it is.... Dunno, But it seems to help the water to glide over the surface of the plates instead of wet them, so that it could drip to other place.... It´s a cheappo spray made with:
fluorated resine
organic solvents

I´m searching arround local stores to see what kinds of impermeabilizants i can find, I think i´ll buy some kind of shield fluid to prevent condensation in the car frontal "glass" and test it in the plate inside the freezer... Anyway, these one doesn´t seems to prevent condensation, just help the water to glide the surface without actually moist it... I tested my shoes and when I drop a bit of water on it, the water make litle balls and glide off the shoes, making it still dry! It´s Funny, but the spray say it must be reaplyed within 3 weeks... Don´t know if the same would be necvessary inside the case... Maybe aplying 5 or 6 times would make a thicker protection...
Humberto, vc vai fazer overclock ou um submarino???

Hehehe, hello Humberto!

How long, don't?
Man, shoes and wind shield sprays to protect from condensation?!?! To cool what? Planning to use one dual 83W peltier? Hehehe!
I though I was nuts when attached one 110V 120mm exaustor fan on my cpu...
He he.. I´ve megaplans here!!! Today I bought a U$ 3 bucks impermeabilizator in a store to use with a "pincel" he he, just will test it for energy conduction before use it on my boards... It can hadle -40c to 120c without problems and makes a flexible coat...! Realy a gift that i found after getting inside dozen shops... I´ll just run a 72-85w peltier, but want to be shure it will not condensate... The project is going slowly but its complete in my mind, I already found the hoses, pump, radiator, brackets etc... Just have to finish the waterblock made from a big surface aluminum heatsink...! I´ll keep you informed about it and send pictures when ready!!!