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Prime85 "SUMOUT ERROR"?!?!

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if your chip is oced, try lower the fsb, change ram's timing, better cooling, etc. if your chip is at stock, uh.....good luck just kidding;) if your chip is indeed at defualt speed (not likely), check your ram's sitting to less aggressive. thatz all i can come up with now.

or is it the fact you are using a different proggy? prime85 instead of 95..i am talking about 95 version.. joking man..:D you have to forget me, today is last day of the first half of the semester, and a week long vacation is coming!! yeah, spring break!! go out and party now!, no puter for me for a week.
My chip is oc. It is a Celey [email protected]. But my pci and agp is running in spec with the 133fsb. My PC-133 ram is also just at CAS3. My temps only went to 38 after 2 hours of burning in and went down to 35 after another 3 hours.