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Prime95 caused CPU temps to be 3-5C above normal even after removing this program!

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May 24, 2001
Maine, USA
Prime95 caused CPU temps to be 3-5C above normal even after removing this program!

Why is my CPU running this much warmer. Prime95 is removed from my system and my CPU temp is much higher. Right now my temp at ambient-25.3C ,Mb 25-26C, 42C for the CPU, just writing this note! Why is this happening??
what kind of cooler do you have? How long has it been since you ran Prime ?
There has to be some other contributing factor. When Prime95 is not being run, it does not impact CPU temps. After booting, while in the Windows Desktop, try doing a single CTL-ALT-DEL and see what programs are running. That may shed some light on whether you have a mystery program running in the background. My money is on that, a loss of halt-on-idle, or a hardware problem.

if you removed it its not affecting the cpu any more. perhaps when you had it going it got hot enough to melt the thermal grease between the cpu and the heatsink you might consider pulling it off and reapply it
I have a WinWBK/ArcticSilver2/80mmSunon42.6cfm. I ran Prime only once, last night.
Also have the same number of programs running. Perhaps the thermal paste issue is a possibility. I'm going to lap my heatsink and reapply the paste after I get my Addtronics6896A case. I'm also going to try mounting a 92mm 50.1cfm fan to the heatsink later.
One question. When you test the CPU idle temp, do you close every single program running, even Explorer or Systray?? (the vast majority of my "Errors" are "Explorer Errors") when I get them.
I don't close anything. i just boot up and a few seconds after I hit the Windows Desktop, the temp plummets to about 2-3C above ambient.