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Oct 24, 2002
Well, I'll be. I had a rock stable system at fsb 155 with default voltage on my 1800+... I had run 40+minutes of burnintest at 100% and about an hour of Sandra burnin and It hadn't flinched.

Then I downloaded Prime95. I opened it, clicked on torture test and I might as well have hit the reset button. INSTANT reboot. Dropped fsb to 154, froze about 1 minute into it. 153? froze about 2 minutes into it. 150? About 15 minutes into it.

Went down to 145 and am running it now... been on about 10 minutes. PCI's at 37 now... I don't like that, but I'll either learn to live with it or up the voltage on my cpu or memory (whichever winds up being the problem) and go back to 150 (lowest I get a 1/5 divider at).

Only one thing to say... DAMN this program is a hell of a stress test.


Aug 20, 2002
Have you tried running it at 166fsb? Maybe your PCI components don't like being underrun to 31MHz, but they don't show it until you run the stress test. Course, I don't know if the proc would like running at 1909MHz, unless you're unlocked.