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Printer problems

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Oct 7, 2002
i was all excited that i was going to have a home network. right now i have my server running win 2k pro, and my other 2 computers run win me and xp. after a few tweaks and random clicking, i got the computers to all share the dsl connection. but now i cant print anything on any of the computers. my wife actually got to print a page, but only the 1 of 2 came out. in the printer icon all it says its X documents in queue. all the network connections have file printer sharing and such. after a while it times out and says that it found an error in the document do you want to try again... :mad: anyone know what the problem might be?


Feb 16, 2002
yes do the good old random clicking :) it recently helped me with my LAN :), but before I also had similar printer problems and I never found out what was wrong with it :/ .... so i just hooked the printer directly to one PC and if i ever wanted to print something I just went to the PC with the printer and found the file over the network and printed it liek that.

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Aug 25, 2001
Ontario, Canada
What type of printer is it? A network printer? A personal printer connected to one computer?

If it is a network printer, does the printer get an IP? If so, can you ping it/connect to the internal webserver(if present)? Try printing a network info page to see what it thinks the network is like. Check that it is on the same IP & Subnet mask as your workstations. (you might not have been given enough IPs from your ISP so that your printer gets one?)

If it is a personal printer, try printing from the comptuer it's connected to directly. If it has problems, then there is something wrong between your computer and the printer.