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SOLVED Printing fixed+variable labels from XLS spreadsheet?

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Oct 16, 2011
New England
Hey OC'ers,

This is kind of an oddball scenario but looking to see if anyones got clever tricks or insight as to a solution. At work we have a spreadsheet that contains the fields for store number, zone, and the number of registers. We've been looking into maybe picking up a printer that goes off a roll like the USP/Fedex shipping ones from Zebra (but of course with this comes cost). This is to at least solve the problem of needing to map out columns and rows, while also accounting for labels already used if printing from half used sheets (unless there's a easy way to do this). Ideally I want to be able to setup something to add labels to the printer with some sort of counter based on the number of registers. IE Store #123 has 6 registers, print labels containing Store #123 and registers 1 through 6.

What programs and input files would be usable in a situation such as this?


Was able to find a nice little program through Zebra that allows for variable fields and importing from databases.
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