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prob seting up win 2k pro

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Jul 19, 2002
okinawa, japan
i slapped in a new hd(80gig SE), change the boot order to c,cdrom,a; create a new partion, format it to nfts, load win2k on it, then when its done it says you pc wil restart to continue with configuration, so it restarts i switch to a,c,scsi, then it says disc boot failure insurt a disc yada yada, WTF! man i dont really know **** about n e of this, im a self tought geek
please help!:D
is the hard drive on a RAID controller maybe? If so, when doing the install you need to press F6 when asked and install drivers for the RAID controller...

Neville said:
Rabbit, remove the ls-120 if you have one. Also check your partitions and maje sure they bootable, you also have a good MBR
i dont know wat a ls120 is and this isnt im my sig rig(hehe it rymes) its in an old k-62 rig and i have no idea what the mobo is exept that its via, no its not in raid, and how can i check if my partion is bootable?
You dont need to use a bootdisk. Try setting teh boot order to harddisk 0, harddisk 0, harddisk 0. Thats the way i have mine set, i only change it if i need to boot from a cd.
my bios isnt like that, you chose the drive in order i gues wat your trying to say is hdd only right?, i already tried and it wont work, i ran disk check through dos i've done every thing i can thing of and nothin works it just always says boot disc failure insirt system disc!
Hmm, so it is set to boot from the cd first, but it says boot disk failure.

I would try reinstalling windows again, see if it works then, it may have just screwed up the install somehow. And what i mean is just set the first, second, and third boot device all to the same thing.
yah i kinda knew what you meant, iv'e already reinstalled it but the same thing, thefly how can i check/make the partion active?
well i just got my rig in so ill be working on it for about 3 weeks till everything it together, so till then i wont be worried about it, but thanks for all of your replies!