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problem getting above 1900mhz

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Nov 5, 2002
my setup is listed below

here is the problem i have done the volt mod on this board and actually got 2.14 volts out of it but from 2.04 volts to 2.14 volts
i only get 13mhz more out of it stable but when its cold i can get 1913 out of it on 2.15 volts with ice cubes in the water i can get 1975 and 1900 @2.04 my temps are on die are 50c and ext. temps are about 45. i am using as3 and putting it on thin when i take my water block off i can see through the as3 but not before i put on the water block i have see a few posts where people are getting 1925 on air cooling

any ideas?
What settings are you trying to run at?

Is the cpu unlocked?

If you are just truning up the fsb there are alot of things that could be holding you back, I don't think just shooting more vcore into it is going to be the answer.
i left my 2000 locked and i can get it to a stabe 1900 mhz if i turn my voltage down to 2.10 my divider is still 1/4 but i was able to take my duron with it set at 1/5 to a 200 mhz fsb
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