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Problem OC FX8150 with GA 97A UD3 rev 1.0 Mobo

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A 3600x will run significantly cooler than a 2600x because of the 7nm fabrication process used and perform better as well. Why would you not go with the newer technology?

And there are a lot of good, reasonably prieced options for socket 4 B450 chipset motherboards right now. But I would caution you about overclocking the "X" Ryzens. They are pretty much topped out from the factory at stock. There is not much to be gained by overclocking them since on all cores you will not likely be able to achieve turbo speeds and for only a small performance gain you may be sacrificing chip longevity. It is a different world than it used to be for overclocking. Those big gains are no more.


You also might want to wait for the B550 motherboards to debut, supposedly next month.
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Thanks Trents, those are good things to know. I'm not that current on the lay of the oc land, so that's very helpful!

Makes sense to move toward a 3600x rather than a 2600x. Mostly it was a budget perspective that looked attractive toward the 2600x. However if I'm able to get a good mobo for $125 ish i can kick some of the budget over to the cpu in a reasonable balance.

Also I hear you on the x processors being pushed already so that ocing isn't as helpful. Thanks!
Be sure to shop motherboard/CPU combo pricing at microcenter.com. Their bundle deals are instore only but I see there is a location in Denver. I also see their available motherboard list is much thinner than before the pandemic.
You don't have to only use their combo list. Just add the 3600X (or 3600) to cart, then any board you are considering & you'll see the combo discount.
By the way, Gogger, it might pay to overclock if the apps you run can efficiently use many cores and you can get the clocks close to turbo on reasonable vcore. I'm thinking the 3600 as opposed to the 3600x might be a good candidate for that. But keep in mind that games thrive on high per core frequencies so you would just have to experiment.
So I got my vrm fan installed. A bit of a jerry rig, but should work.


Don't spend any more money on that combo. Tweak what you got until you can upgrade.
You should be able to do 4.2 all cores @ 1.45 without much issue. That means you'll probably have to set vcore at 1.5v to compensate for the droop.

Today, I continued with the OC next step as Mr. Scott suggested.

I bumped up the cpu to 4.2ghz and vcore voltage to 1.5. Looks like even more droop:

20May24_Temps with VRM Fan 4.2ghz_1.50vcore_21mins.GIF

Should I bump the voltage a little higher so the min vcore is around 1.45ish???
What is a max reasonable temperature on the vrms? I'm assuming that the mobo temp3 is the vrm temp.
Hmmmm........I would probably start being more cautious. Adding vcore and getting even more droop is a sign that your VRM's aren't able to keep up. Keep pushing and they will give out. 60c is about all I like to see on VRM temp and even that's a little high for me.
Ok good call, I will back it off a bit. A touch more on the OC probably isn't really worth that. (-;
Well, I think my max reasonable oc is 4.0. I forgot to take a screen shot of the hwinfo64, but at 4.1 and vcore in between my settings at 4.0 and 4.2, the temps were moderately higher on the vrms like 52C I believe and the droop was still a lot. Just doesn't seem worth it to push the temps and vrms like you said Mr Scott for just a 100mhz per core. Might as well be stable and get a little life out of it. (-;

If I'm ready to stay at these settings, Can I likely turn back on some of the power management/ cool and quiet settings in the bios???

I could perhaps tweak the memory timings a bit and/or the northbridge clock. However, I'm inclined to leave them as are currently. They're at least running at default and the ram settings posted on the label. I'm inclined not to mess with it as I doubt I'll get much more speed out of small increases with my basically entry level equipment.

Thanks, Joe