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Problem setting up a RAID 0 array on a EPOX 8K3A+ HELP

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Oct 1, 2002

As topic says I am having big problems setting up my two WD Caviar 80GB (8mb cache)

I am setting up the RAID 0 array in the beginning of the boot pressing the Ctrl + H. Everything works fine.

Then booting with the WIN XP installation CD in the CDR, it tells me that I have a bootable CD in, and it starts to load windows. Just fine, I am pressing F6 to load the newest highpoint drivers, which I have downloaded on EPOX homepage.
Just fine it then tells me to press S, to load the drivers. Fine I do that and after that press Enter. Windows are now loading just fine...............but after approx. 10 sec. the sreen turns black and the cursor are blinking in the left corner of the screen.

What the h.ll have I missed out on here????

The BIOS I am using are the 2815 BIOS

The BIOS have been setup to run first boot device as SCSI and floppy and HDD, but with out any luck. Same thing happens....

Please help me

Though I have a RAID board, I haven't yet set up a RAID array. But it sounds as though you are doing everything right. Maybe the floppy is bad? You could try loading the drivers on a different floppy.
Maybe you should try a post in storage.

You might try letting XP load its own HighPoint drivers from the CD (they are there). Unless HighPoint has gotten a digiital signature on the ones they're shipping, you won't be able to use the WinXP restore feature without the signature. Took me several weeks to track down the problems with restore feature when I first installed XP. This might get you by your current problem too. Good luck. :cool: