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Problem With 12.41 Drivers

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Jun 6, 2001
Cleveland Ohio
Whenever I try and load these drivers, once I reboot I can't change my res from 640x480. I tried reinstalling my monitor drivers with no luck. Also have the same problem with the 12.60 and 12.42 and 12.00. But I am using a Detonator 3 driver that I downloaded from nvidia 2 months ago has a date of 12-4-2000 in the properties menu. I don't remember what version and the file doesn’t say in the name. And that driver works fine I can change back and forth with the new drivers and the new ones never work and the old one works. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Well I don't know what the problem could be but I can recommend some better drivers. The detonator 6.50 and 6.67 driver have been the best I have tested to date, even faster than the 10 11 and 12 series drivers. Give one of the two drivers a try and see if that cures your problems.
I have to disagree about the 6.xx drivers being the best. I've tried about everything up to 12.40 and have found that the detonator 12.40 drivers used with DirectX8 gives me the best image and best performance benchmarks. However, your mileage may vary depending on vid card and system.
Well I'm now using the 6.50 driver with no problems, but I'm not sure where I'm suppost to be with frame rates running the Q3 demo001 I get 122fps in 32bit color in 800x600 but in UT using direct3d or opengl I only get 60fps avrage with 32bit color and 800x600. Isn't that slow for this card? And I'm using Dx8.0a.
You could try uninstalling them and then going into the registry to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation (this is WinMe, should be the same for all) and deleting everything below NVIDIA Corporation, including it, then rebooting and reinstalling. This solved lockup problems I was having with my GeForce 3 I got yesterday.