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problem with games freezing up

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New Member
Mar 30, 2002
i just bought a new mobo and a AMD Athlon XP 1.47 GHz. When i have my cpu set to 1.47 GHz and start up a game it will freeze up about 1-3 minutes into the game with this weird sound coming out of the speakers...the sound keeps looping. After messing around and trying to figure out what could be casuing the problem i decided to set my cpu to 1.10 GHz in the BIOS....after doing that i have NO problems. Quake 3 runs fine and never freezes up....what could this mean? cpu overheating or something? all i got for fans is the heat sink/fan that came with the cpu and i know its installed correctly. or could it be a RAM setting in the BIOS? This sucks...i want my cpu to work @ 1.47 GHz!!

any suggestions/comments...let me know if ya need anymore info

The Coolest

Senior Member
Jul 29, 2001
I'm almost 100% sure its heat, check ur temps right after it freezes on default speed and report back


Mar 24, 2002
St. Louis
You've got to have case fans if you're going to keep the CPU down into the low 40's where it's likely to be stable. Surely you've got at least one case fan that came with the case? Check the case temperatures with Motherboard Monitor and be sure they stay in the low 30's (add fans as needed) so that the CPU will stay in the low 40's.