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Problem with GeForce 3 and 2 ultra

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Mar 1, 2001
Sacramento, CA.
I'm having a problem with my computer with a GeForce 3 and my roomates GeForce 2 ultra. We have the same exact machine Abit KT7A-Raid with a 1200 T-bird and SB live X-gamer card. When we play Quake 3 arena it seems to load up and start to get jerky. The framerates stay high but the gameplay get real jerky and unplayable. It starts out ok but after a few minutes it loads up and get real bad. It doesnt seem to do it with any other game except Quake. Anybody got any ideas?
I had the same problem with mine. What i found out o be the problem was that i needed to update the motherboard software. like the agp to cpu controller cortware you should be able to find all this stuff at your mobo manufactor. Good Luck
Yeah, did that already, I also took out the sound card and the network card to see if either one of them was causing it but they arent. Upgraded my bios and the VIA drivers to the latest ones with no luck. Tried the latest Nvidia and and Evga / Elsa drivers for the vid cards and that didnt help either. We both have different cards that are doing the same thing.
what speeds are you runing core/mem, i just noticed the same thing last night while running project IGI-great picture then lagged to crap-that was after upping the core/mem i lovered each 15mhz and all is good
If you're talking about the core/mem on the vid card, it's all stock speed. Havent played with the speed on the card yet, it's too new.
Have you thought about heat? Just a thought but sometimes I can really burn my vid cards and they do the same thing. It doesn't hurt to go ahead and lap those HSF's. I did right when I got my G3 card and I haven't had a problem outta it at all. Now my late herc prophet 2 GTS is a different story. I lapped that puppy and had gained about 15mhz on the core AND didn't have those problems anymore. Don't rule out heat even if you ARE running at stock. What's your case temps?
Yeah, I thought about it but I dont think thats the problem. It's only about 25 to 30 in the case. It's doing it in 2 different systems with 2 different vid cards.
Well if you are playing thru a network of some type and have your nic set to auto instead of 10mb half duplex or whatever it could be cause.
are you using a permanent swap file?

sounds to me like your games is using whatever is left of the swapfile then starts resizing it to larger and causing the stuttering.

Make the swapfile permanent.
try taking the sound cards out and re installing qua the same problems, i could also be a buffer being created, try running your cpus at normal speed or reducing the agp to x2 or x1 if you can
turn Vsync on !!!

it is useless to have it off, unless for benchmarking. It synchronizes your cards framecalculation with the refreshrate of your card/monitor...
framerates will drop a bit, but display will be less choppy
Ok, I fixed the problem by re-formatting and re-installing Windows and all my stuff. It now works great in all the games. Now on to the overclocking!
hey tt120,i havent seen you online for ages man!

i thought you were going to get the IWILL mobo? i did and was hoping youd know what my problem might be? anyway good to see your still around................................alisport