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SOLVED Problem with Hercules Prophet GTS 64DDR

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I just reformatted my hard drive and installed the above mentioned card. I've had other G'force cards in my system with never a problem. When I installed this card I started getting corruption even while installing windows. Thin green vertical lines that appeared on my screen. I proceeded with the install and figured once I installed the drivers the problem would disappear, however it didn't. After I installed the drivers off the CD my system would lock up a short time after my desktop appeared. All I had to do was just click on a couple of things then I'd be locked up. My system was "not" overclocked during install......any ideas?

PIII 700@1030 w/alpha, Abit BE6 II Ver 1.0, 256MB mushkin Rev 2.0, Maxtor 7200, NEC Multisync M700
Hey Placid, this is the third time I've tried to respond but for some reason it's not posting. This is the second card I've tried. I thought the same thing so I had them send me another card, same problem.
Placid (May 25, 2001 10:43 a.m.):
If the mfg. is of no help with this.
And nothing at the link above helped then try posting here:

Alot of Gf3 owners there.
When you post give all the info you can.
Operating system, motherboard, etc.

Actually the manufacture has been very helpfull. The first card I couldn't even power up and the second card you already know about. So they're now sending me a "third" card!! Thanks for your help..:))
Is this the GTS or the GTS Pro?

I installed my GTS Pro without to much problem. At first there were some problem with some 3dfx files I didn't delete (they were well hidden) so I fdisk-format-windows my HD and since them no problems.

You should d/l lattest Hercules drivers. If I recall therea a 6.something for ME and 7.something for Win 9x and NT. Also check in the Hercules forums, a lot of helpfull people hang in there.

PIII 550E@731 Iwill BD100+ 384 MB 3-3-3 Siemens, Hercules 3D Prophet II GTS Pro.