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Problem with temperature reading with Asus A7V with GlobalWIN FOP38

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New Member
Mar 9, 2001
I'm having problems with temperature reading with my Asus A7V 1003 bios .....
I have a Duron 700 installed with the GlobalWin FOP 38 as my cooling fan
the problem is i get around 49 C average temperature that reach as high as 52 C
Is there a problem with the Asus board or is it really my system?
Anyone who can help?
Get a real thermal probe to borrow off someone and compare the temps.

Have you ensured a flat mirror like surface on the bottom of the FOP38?

Have you ensured a proper thermal grease application ?

Have you ensured a 100% conguent and parallel interface ?

Is this causing a problem ? If not don't worry.
I also have an ASUS A7V with a DURON 600 running @ 1050MHz, and I'm experiencing the same problem. My CPU temp has read as high as 57c+. I have read that the on-board temp monitors leave a bit to be desired, reading as much as 10c higher than actual. I've got a modified case with two additional fans in the sides with one directing fresh outside air directly onto the heatsink/fan (also a Global Win), I've become acustomed to the temp readings and am comfortable with them, keeping an eye on them for unexplained increases.

Disregard the signature, that was last week. Now @ 1050MHz
Without sounding careless - if it runs okay and the voltage isn't too high then who cares about temperature ?

I see mobo temperature guages as having two uses :-

1. To compare cooling effect of diferent HSF combos
2. To gain a temp reading to let everyone else know about or in the case of some folks, to keep quiet about.