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problem with uploading

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Oct 8, 2002
i'm connect through a smc 7004vbr. there is 2 pc connect to it.

i can't send on mirc and i can send on msn, icq, and aim. i went to dslreports.com and went to the speed test. on all 3 tests, i got 981kbps and 20kbps....kilobits. not kilo bytes.

on my bro's pc, i get the same download, but the upload is 260kbps. i wonder whats the deal?

oh and i'm running winxp with the firewall disabled and i have no software firewall. and my bro's pc is running winME with no firewall.
D/L "DrTCP" from dslreports.com

It's probably due to "path MTU discovery" being disabled, and this will definetly kill your upload speeds.
I notice your in Canada. I have a few friends in Canada in the Toronto area that are experiencing the exact same problems with their cable connection. They talked to the provider and the provider is trying to take them up to a 1 meg upload and the switches needed are killing the upload temporarily.

I'll see what provider it is and if its all of their networks.
thanks everyone for replying, all the tools on dslreports don't work. i changed the RWINs, applied reg patches, formated and re-installed xp and disabled the firewall that xp has and still no luck. i think it might be my rj45 cord.....isn't there different types of rj45? like crossover cable and such?
Yeah, but if your running the wrong cable it wouldn't work period. Have you had this cable for a while and this cropped up all of a sudden or is this a fresh install of network and cable?
well i'm using my previous cables plus the cable that the router came with. rdytorave, i don't think my isp gives a ****. i did that in the past which led to nowhere.
try changing ports on the router if possible. also, open up a command prompt on the 'slow' PC and run 'netstat -e' and look to see if there are a lot of errors. If so, either the cable or NIC is bad. whatever the problem is, it's not the ISP since your bro's computer is working fine. If you're NATing on your router, you most likely won't be able to do mirc dcc transfers.

frisco204 said:
well i'm using my previous cables plus the cable that the router came with. rdytorave, i don't think my isp gives a ****. i did that in the past which led to nowhere.
i know, i know! ok... well im not sure how a router works and all but this is worth a shot... bridge the connections between the rounter and each PC if you can do that, it should work, i have one PC as a gateway here and the other as a client i wasnt able to send / receive stuff through anything on the client but then i bridged both nics here "one that the modem plugs into & the other that goes to the client PC" and that worked for me im able to send / accept stuff now on everything :)
whoa, i almost dont even remember posting that haha :) weird... but yeah lemme know how it works out :)
First of all, check to see if your NIC is sharing an IRQ with anything else on your system via Device Manager. If it is, try moving the NIC to another slot (unless it is built in with the mobo).

What I would do is to try it out with another NIC card. If you still get the same issue with a new card, then it definitely is a software issue. If not ... problem is solved!