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Problem with VIA 4in1 drivers for Abit KT7A-RAID

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New Member
Apr 4, 2001
I just bought a KT7A-RAID and a 1.2Ghz Athlon. This is my first AMD machine, and second Abit board.

I'm having problems with Windows 2000 starting up slowly and with my CDRW writer not being able to write.

IDE Setup:
I have 4 devices, all set to "master."
On IDE1 I have a TEAC CD-540E and on IDE2 I have a TEAC CD-W54E, which is my CD writer.
I have a 30.0GB 7200RPM ATA-100 IBM Deskstar on each of the Highpoint controller IDE channels running as a RAID-0.

With VIA 4in1 version 4.29:
1) CDRW is detected and installed properly, works fine.
2) During startup, Windows 2000 stops for just over 2 minutes during the second/color "Starting Windows" progress bar.

With VIA 4in1 version 4.28:
1) CDRW is detected and installed as a SCSI device. I can read from it, but cannot burn CDs.
2) Windows 2000 starts up normally.

My solution has been to use the 4.29 drivers and reboot as infrequently as possible. But, this is still very annoying. =(

Does anyone else have these problems? Does anyone have any ideas on what to try?

Thanks in advance for any help =)
Athlon 1.2 @ 1.33
2x 128MB Micron PC-133 SDRAM
Creative GeForce2 GTS 32MB
2x 3Com 905B-TX
Creative SB Live! Value 5.1
USR 56K ISA modem
2x 30.0GB IBM ATA-100 7200RPM (RAID-0)
PS/2 MS Elite Natural
USB MS Intellimouse /w Wheel
I'm using the 4.28a drivers with no problems. Also, did you follow the install instructions for win 2000 using the raid array?go back a read your manual on installing win 2000, and make sure you reffer to the NT installation also. That may be your problem.
I'm not sure what you mean for me to check, I assume you mean the HPT-370 driver installation instructions. I did follow the instructions and the Highpoint drivers are installed and work fine. The HPT-370 and my RAID-0 work fine with any of the VIA 4in1 drivers.

If I read your post right you only have 1 hdd. If that is so try hdd on ide1 cd on ide2 (set as master) cd burner on ide 2 (set as slave) That is how I have mine set up and it works for me . I also have my raid disabled.
I have 2 harddrives running in RAID-0 on IDE3 and IDE4. I do have my CD-ROMs on IDE1 and IDE2 Master. I'll try switching them to Slave. Thanks for the idea =)

Everything works but I still have the slow start up problem in Windows 2000 and the 4.29 drivers IDE drivers.