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problem with video card?

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Jan 31, 2002
I'm having a problem... I recently upgraded my motherboard to a SY-KT400 dragon and ever since I did that an reformatted my hard drive whenever I play a 3D game(games like civ3 seem to be fine) after a couple minutes of playing it completely locks up and I have to restart.

If I set the video options low, like 800x600 and low quality textures it seems to last longer before freezing.

I have a radeon8500, SY-KT400 Dragon mobo, 1.4ghz tbird and 512megs of 2100DDR ram...

The cpu temps seem to be fine(always less than 45C or so)... If I wait about a minute after it locks up it goes back into windows in 640x480 saying that windows recovered from a device failure. Is this the video card overheating? a problem with the motherboard?

Do you think reformatting could help or is it a hardware problem?

any help would be appreciated!


Oct 30, 2001
Did you install the via 4 in 1 drivers? I know on the via 333 you have to have the agp drivers installed or your video won't work properly.