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Problem with voltages on q6600

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May 6, 2008
Not worth purchasing a new cpu for sure.

As far as cpu-z, it is probably correct since the mobo you are using wont supply the voltages you ask it to. You might set it to 1.45, but listen to cpu-z and realize you are really only giving the cpu much less.


Jun 4, 2013
Ive done a vdroop pencil mod and it helped!
Im stable on 3 ghz with 1,25 V on CPUv - tested 10 minut because.. ive got a very high temp after this mod..
Is it normal alfter pencil vdroop mod that temp are very high?

I've even got back to the default sets in bios (2.4 ghz) and temps on load are near 70..
Before mod it was 60..
I am a little confused ;/


Way Too Jealous Member
Dec 13, 2002
Southern California
The vdroop mod increases the voltage fed to the chip, so it is natural for temp to go up. If you set, say, 1.4v in bios and your board has high vdroop the chip only gets 1.3v. If you mod the board, whether with a pencil or a hard wired mod, to reduce or eliminate vdroop, then setting 1.4v in bios will give the chip 1.4v.

In that example, the chip will be as hot at the 1.4v setting as it would be at the 1.5v setting before the mod. That's why you worry less about what you set in the bios and more what cpu-z says the voltage is under load.