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problem with wd hard drive

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gen. paradise

Aug 8, 2003
wisconsin, green bay
i have a problem
i am building a new computer and everything works great
only thing is my wd 80 gig hard drive wont format right and my system shuts down for no reason
i cant even install the os it wont let me
my friend told me a friend of his had the same problem
has anyone else had this problem and how did you fix it
help plz


May 29, 2003
Here are a few things you might want to try.
Make sure the drive is connected to IDE 0 (or 1, however you board is labeled).
Check the jumper on the drive to make sure it is set to factory default (usually cable select on WDs) with no other drives connected to it. Connect only one CD-ROM to the other IDE port.
Next pull all of your PCI cards except for the video card and also disconnect any USB devices you may have (printer included).
After you have broken down you machine to this barebones configuration, boot and immediately go into the BIOS, go into PC Health Status and watch the CPU temp.
If it climbs above 55C, you have a HSF problem.
If the temp is O.K., then Load Optimized Defaults and re-boot.
Now try and load your O.S.
If the system still won’t cooperate, try a different HD cable and possibly a different CD-ROM cable.
After all that, if it’s STILL not cooperating, look at possible RAM problems.
Hope this helps.


Apr 24, 2001
Lawrence, KS
I had a HD like that once that would not partition all the way across, I had to break it into seperate pieces in order for windows to go onto it. Not a solution but a work around.