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Problems after OC.....Help!?

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Apr 22, 2001
I've just managed to get my system stable after my first attempt at overclocking. Just used FSB this time as I havent connected my L1's yet. Got FSB up to 133, so I'm running at 10*133.

Firstly I ran Winmark then 3dMark, followed by 10 mins of Sandra burn in. Passed all tests with flying colours and I was pleased with the increase in benchmark scores.

After this the temps were a bit high, but nothing too bad. CPU was around 45C, RAM at 38C and Northbridge at32C. Should be able to get these lower when my new fans arrive. Or I may just up the multiplier and try to hit 1400!

I would have thought the benchmarks would show up any instabilities or other problems. But the problem is now that Win Me wont shut down, just goes to a black screen, and one of the four USB ports doesn't work!

Any ideas guys? I don't want to have to return to a lowly 1Ghz!
Sorry, forgot about my system spec.

1GHz AXIAY @10*133
ThermoEngine wtih YS-tec fan
Abit KT7A-Raid
256Mb Micron SDRAM
2* IBM deskstar HDD RAID0
ENermax 350W PSU
Creative Geforce2 GTS 32DDR
Win ME
Most ppl run stability tests from at least a few hours continuously to make sure their systems are stable after overclocking. I would recommend usign better software than Sandra or 3DMark for stability testing -use CPUburn2 (see download section) instead.

But from your description, your problems probably have little to do with overclocking. Windows suck and VIA boards usually have problems with the USB ports. Download the VIA filter patch from their website. Even my Win98SE has recently given up shutting down normally. Most of the time it hangs at the shutdown screen and I'll have to put up with Scandisk everytime when I start up the PC again. Funny how it was working normally for the last 2 years...